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Beating Data Loss – How to Recover Data From Damaged Hard Drive

December 20, 2015 Jon 0 Comments

It always happens that your hard drive where you have saved tons of important data crashes on the time when you need it the most. This kind of situation is unpredictable, but there are ways on how you can solve this kind of problem when it hits you. Unfortunately, the computer cannot tell you when this thing will happen by itself, so the good preparation and backup plan are needed before things happening. With the help of technology, it is not hard to recover data from damaged hard drive.

There are two types of hard drive malfunctions: the physical and the logical hard drive malfunction. One is the physical hard disk that fails due to over use or other damages. You can hear clunking and grinding sound coming from a physical hard disk that is damage. The logical failure was caused by viruses, software malfunction as well as human error. It is possible to recover data from hard drive with the use of right software.

How to Recover Data From Damaged Hard Drive

It is always important to create a backup of your files every time you create a file, and to make sure that you still have a copy of the file no matter what kind of damages occur. If crashing comes to your drive, you can simply reformat and restore your back up files. It is important for users to be always prepared by having a utility software right before your system crashes. There are lots of recovery data packages that you can use for safety file recovery. This will help you to recover data from that crashed for damaged drive.

It is also important that you stop saving and downloading files to the hard drive where your files have been lost. You do not want to add any mess to an already messed up hard drive. You might over write the files and lose it forever. It is possible to recover data from hard drive, if you will not save anymore files to the drive. You can also run basic disk utility software to be able to check the volume as well as the file structure.

The last resort is to freeze the drive, if the problem is caused by physical reasons. You have to enclose it with a dry and moisture free bag and leave it there for 24 hours. After that, you might get it up to run again and recover data from hard drive. Apart from asking the help from a computer professional, you can also try some data recovery applications and find out which one is suitable for your case. This will be cheaper and save you time.

If you want the recovery applications which have the improved scanning algorithm and efficient recovering performance, regardless of any different data loss situations, here are the solutions of Windows Data Recovery and Mac Data Recovery. Just pick the suitable one for a FAST recovery for any of your lost data from anywhere.

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