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Boost Your Storage Space with Additional Hard Drives

January 16, 2018 Jon 0 Comments

One of the most important parts to a computer is the storage device, namely the hard drive. Computers use the hard drive to store information as well as the software and operating system that allow the user to operate the computer. Many people will find that they store so much on their computers these days that they quickly run out of storage space.

Computer games can require many gigabytes of space as well as all the photos and music that people have digitised and store on their computer. With many people downloading movies and TV series through iTunes and other software hard drive space is used up much more quickly these days and even a one terabyte (1000 gigabytes) drive no longer seems as capacious as it used to.

Fortunately there are options available to you and depending on how computer literate you are you could add another hard drive to your computer yourself, some computers use many hard drives with the more organised people dedicating hard drives to specific purposes such as one hard drive for music files, one for software and other various reasons.

If you are uncomfortable with opening up your PC to put a new hard drive in then there are external drives you can buy that connect to your PC via a USB cable or other connections such as Firewire or eSATA for faster transfer speeds. External hard drives can be good for adding storage that you won’t need all of the time and with laptops if you need to increase your storage space for your files.

External drives could also be used for backing up data and important files such as family photos to be stored elsewhere such as in a safe, by keeping your files backed up you won’t lose them if your computer develops a fault or the hard drive in your PC fails. External hard drives sometimes require their own power supply in order to use them so you may need to free up another plug near to your computer but in general many external hard drives will be as small as a DVD case or smaller so you can easily take the hard drive with you or in a laptop bag.

With many options available to you whether you use a desktop or a laptop computer you could easily increase your computer’s capacity so you can store more files and install more software without having to resort to a large pile of writeable CDs or DVDS by using an extra hard drive instead.

There are many internal and external hard drives available online for both laptops and desktop computers helping you to save more files securely.

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