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Capturing of biometric characteristics secures electronic documents – SignDoc makes Mercedes-Benz AMG even faster

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(PRWEB) September 6, 2003

In 2002 Mercedes-AMG has started an extensive project (internal

name ADS) to control and optimize internal processes. Managing Director Ulrich Bruhnke: “The plan is pretty ambitious: One of its aspects is to reduce the usage of paper drastically and thus allowing us to benefit of more efficient and safer processes.The DaimlerChrysler group plans to install additional test platforms for similar applications in other sections. We estimate to achieve enormous savings in time and money for the targeted processes.”

A lot of forms were digitalized as part of the ADS-project. Various documents have legal impacts such as test clearances, inspection reports, garage acceptances and also applications for vacations and orders. The guidelines for product liability require a high level of security for these processes. Electronic processing should at least provide the same security as the handling of documents on paper.

Signature more secure than PINs

It was a general decision of Mercedes-AMG to make use of electronic signatures to secure its electronic processes. Throughout the preparation of the project it was recognized that a conventional signing solution based on cryptography alone only protects the integrity of a document. The combination of PINs or passwords and cryptography bares hidden costs and risks for operation security. Lots of passwords offer no protection at all. They are easy to obtain using a method called social hacking. Secure passwords are also hard to memorize. If Mercedes-AMG had relied on PINs or passwords the security of the documentation process would not have been completely waterpoof”.

“We were looking for an option to authenticate documents with the handwritten signature. The company Softpro and their solution SignDoc came to our attention. SignDoc enables us to capture signatures digitally – throughout the writing process as well as to embed their encrypted characteristics into the documents.” explains Ulrich Bruhnke.

Assessing the Quality of Signature Data

Softpro has defined a set of quality criteria for capturing signatures with digitizing instruments.

A proper comparison of static signature characteristics and dynamic signature signals requires a digitizing instrument that is taking a sufficient amount of time signals.

Capturing devices must differentiate between various pressure levels and provide an appropriate resolution rate. The e-Pad series of the American manufacturer Interlink are fulfilling all these requirements.

Mercedes-AMG is using Interlink’s e-Pads

At Mercedes-AMG signatures are captured on a tablet with LCD display

the so-called ePad-ink. In connection with SignDoc Mercedes AMG

can switch from paper based processes to digital ones.

Softpro’s solution SignDoc captures the shape of a signature as well

as the invisible characteristics of the writing movement for a later

comparison. The information about the signature is stored encrypted

together with the document.

If a signature on a particular document is in doubt Mercedes-AMG may execute the so-called “combo verification” against a set of reference data of a registered signer. This method is unique to Softpro’s SignDoc. The static comparison of a signature image is followed by the verification of dynamic signals.

If an unauthorized person changed the content of the document,

SignDoc indicates that this document is no longer authorized by its signer(s). There is also a protection against access to the document without authorization, if access should only be enabled with a signature of an authorized person.

Peter Reschke, Softpro’s Director of Marketing and Sales adds: “If an unauthorized person changed the content of the document, SignDoc indicates that this document is no longer authorized by its signer(s). There is also a protection against access to the document without authorization, if access should only be enabled with a signature of an authorized person.”

The advantages of Dynamic Signature Verification used for electronic documents are pretty obvious: minimizing paper usage and related costs (printing, shipping, scanning, indexing), reducing the loss of time and the potential of errors caused by media breaks as well as speeding up the workflow and achieving a higher level of automation.

Project successfully started

According to Managing Director Ulrich Bruhnke of Mercedes-AMG, the project progress is quite satisfying and the estimated cost savings may be realized rapidly.

As one of the next extensions Mercedes-AMG plans to integrate

suppliers into the system. The capturing of signatures on a writing tablet and their embedding into documents will be used in additional applications to ensure a maximum of security and efficiency in the communication with business partners for order handling and confirmation of target dates.

Mercedes AMG – the Think Tank of Daimler-Chrysler

Since 1971 car lovers and motor sport enthusiasts worldwide are

fascinated by three letters: AMG. 1971 saw Hans Heyer and Clemens

Schickedanz surprisingly winning the 24-hour-race of Spa in their AMG-Mercedes 300 SEL 6.8. This was the breakthrough for the Mercedes refining manufacturer. Since that time AMG-fans agree: There is just one car that is more fascinating than a Mercedes – a Mercedes of AMG. Right from the beginning AMG added innovations to Mercedes cars in the exterior and interior. Since 1999 the company is an affiliate of DaimlerChrysler.

While in the early days the tuning business was predominant AMG is nowadays a development and production manufacture. Without any doubt the company has achieved a superior reputation and is also in high regards from its competitors.

AMG now acts as a “Think Tank” and is closely liaised with other

affiliates of DaimlerChrysler. It has developed own engines, chassis, breaks, aerodynamic design elements and body parts as well as the interior and elements of the on-board communication. Besides those innovations in the production process Mercedes-AMG acts as a model company for increased efficiency in various workflow processes.

Recently Mercedes-AMG invested approximately 20 Million Euro in new production lines. The heart of the plant’s extension was the engine manufacturing.

The final touch is a signature

According to the AMG tradition and the motto “One Man – One Engine” it is always one technician who assembles the driving gear from the first until the last screw. A badge with the individual signature of the technician is the personal commitment to top quality of every Mercedes-AMG professional. “One Man, One Engine” and one may add – “One signature”.



SOFTPRO is based in Boeblingen, Germany and has local subsidiaries

for the North American and Asian-Pacific market in Newark (Delaware) and Singapore. The company employs approximately 50 people worldwide.

SOFTPRO is the leading vendor of systems for the verification of

handwritten signatures, worldwide. The company’s portfolio contains solutions for authentic processes and documents.Therefore static and dynamic (biometric) characteristics of signatures are extracted and evaluated.

More than 200 financial institutions are using modules of the SOFTPRO SignPlus® system successfully, among them many internationally well-known companies, such as American Express, ABN Amro, Barclays, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Deutsche Bank,Discover Financial, HypoVereinsbank, Lloyds TSB and SEB as well as regionally or nationally important banks.

Since 2002, the offer to secure electronic documents with handwritten signatures extended the customer portfolio of SOFTPRO to other industries such as automotive, insurance, chemical, pharmaceutical, construction, health, life sciences and logistics.

The two major investors in SOFTPRO are GECapital (since 1998)and AdCapital (since 2001).

SOFTPRO partners include: BancTec, Carreker, Fujitsu Siemens Computers, IBM, Interlink, Kleindienst, NCR, UNISYS and Wacom as well as APP Informatik Davos.


Additional information about company, market and products is available from http://www.signplus.com.

# For individual information please contact:

SOFTPRO – Software Professional GmbH & Co. KG

Joerg-M. Lenz

Public Relations Manager


Wilhelmstrasse 34

71034 Boeblingen


Phone: + 49 7031 66 06 55


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