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CBMR™ Software Breaks Data Recovery Speed Records

March 14, 2014 Jon 0 Comments

(PRWEB) October 22, 2003

CBMR (Cristie Bare Machine Recovery) is a new software package from Cristie Data Products Limited that operates in conjunction with IBM Tivoli® Storage Manager (ITSM) to provide a fully automated method of recovering or cloning a Microsoft™ Windows® operating system to a new HDD or RAID system. IBM has chosen CBMR to replace Veritas BMR (formerly the Kernel Group) and is reselling CBMR worldwide. Ian Cameron, Director of Cristie, said “CBMR offers exceptionally fast and reliable backup and IBM’s decision is a resounding endorsement of CBMR’s technical merits. We are delighted that IBM has chosen CBMR and we looking forward to supplying it to IBM customers and others around the world.”

At a Glance

Benefits of CBMR (Cristie Bare Machine Recovery) include:


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