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CellTrak Drives Results in Homecare through Mobile Healthcare Innovation : Samsung Hard Drive

January 19, 2014 Jon 0 Comments

Schaumburg, IL and Cambridge, ON (PRWEB) October 24, 2013

CellTrak Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of integrated mobile solutions for the home and community care market, announced the successful implementation of its new products with multiple provider agencies. The complete solutions will be showcased at the upcoming homecare events in Washington, DC and Ottawa, Ontario. The use of the CellTrak native mobile data solutions provide tangible results and immediately quantifiable ROI in terms of hours saved per healthcare worker, lower cost of operations, higher revenues and margins and improved ability to provide more informed timely care.

Michael Wons, CEO and President of CellTrak Technologies commented, We are pleased to announce the success related to our innovative product development which expands the ability to deliver improved care and services in the home. These new solutions include powerful new assessment tools, alert driven workflow capabilities, care visualization, and secured collaboration tools for the entire care team. These solutions are built upon the industries best mobile solutions platform that is interoperable at the core

CellTrak began developing smartphones and tablet solutions in lieu of notebooks and desktops in 2006 and this experience has enabled us to emerge as the most used and trusted mobile solutions provider in healthcare. Our early view of the dramatic shift taking place in mobile staff management and more efficient point of care documentation in the home gave us a head start on designing a framework for improving healthcare processes. Mobile solutions allow the industry to migrate from traditional manual processes and better leverage their investments in their IT infrastructure. Healthcare Providers are seeing immediate benefit in the declining price points of smart phones and tablets which help provide an easier justification of investment that will help speed the improvement in operational and patient outcomes.

The declining cost of hardware, storage, and mobile devices available to all industries coupled with the increased interoperability within Homecare industry is accelerating the adoption of CellTraks solution.

When choosing CellTrak we were very happy to be offered a choice when selecting a cost effective device. As we have different departments on different devices we were able to select multiple devices according to the department using them. We are successfully running visits, utilizing our staffs time better all while documenting at the point of care.

Michael Merrell, COO at Ambercare

The staff loves using CellTrak, giving them no need to carry around anything other than a small, efficient, lightweight device to report. It was useful from a compliance standpoint to use the CellTrak TimeManager solution as a means to cross check the field staffs time and mileage against what was listed in our back end system.”

Shawn Roberts, Manager of Information Technology at Lion Health Centers Inc.

Key Product enhancements include: Expanded Data Interoperability, Secure Multimedia, Clinical Assessments and Forms, Improved Collaboration via Health Care Team Portal and Alert Driven Workflow Management

Expanded Data Interoperability

Hospitals have demanded interoperability of their EMR systems and it is time that Homecare takes the same course of action. Open APIs have always been part of CellTrak and as providers expand and/or change out their EMR systems we are seeing them demand the same open/interface approach. CellTrak continues to lead and expand its interoperability leadership with the launch of its new HealthLink Integration Manager. Since the beginning of 2013 CellTrak has added 8 new interfaces to interconnect with EMR and technology vendors in the US, Canada and the UK expanding the number of published and readily available interfaces to more than 25.

Secure Multimedia: Messaging and Photos

CellTraks expanded functionality for Secured Messaging provides agencies with an opportunity to optimize workflow in a HIPAA compliant manner. By having the tool fully integrated into all CellTrak Solutions, staff do not need to exit out of the application to respond via email or text; rather they can easily interact with their peers and supervisors at their fingertips from within the application. The communication is kept in one place and provides easy access to all staff. By communicating via secure portals or mobile device youre not putting confidential information into personal email or texts and you eliminate the chances of HIPAA violations. This feature keeps your staff, client data, and messages all on one secured platform.

Integrated Photo Capture documentation allows secure, HIPAA compliant photo capture at the point-of-care via a smart phone or tablet. This feature allows multiple photos to be captured and the photos to reside only within the secured app and not on the device in the photo gallery.

The new photo capture feature in the CellTrak solution has assisted with improving overall operational and occupational health and safety outcomes for enhanced patient care and service delivery,

Mark Dodge, Executive Director for Cross Timbers Hospice

The photos we have captured of wounds were very eye opening to our nursing staff. Most times our CNAs are first in the field to see what is happening with patient care and having the ability to send these to deploy more care will ultimately enhance patient care experience and pro-actively comfort patients in this very delicate time.

Rachel Currier, HR Director at Cross Timbers Hospice

Clinical Assessments and Forms

CellTrak has expanded solutions for capturing, sharing and collaborating on assessments and other forms related data. These new solutions run as a simple straight forward tool on the mobile device and allow real-time access to the care team members.

CellTrak enables the collection of clinical data to support the analysis of client health outcomes. These data elements are then reported through our business intelligence system, providing feedback on client health outcomes back to the field staff. The ability to capture and monitor data on the mobile devices streamlines and automates the process of clinical analysis, providing staff with greater insight into the care they provide.

Mary Lou Ackerman, Vice President Business Capabilities, Saint Elizabeth Healthcare

“The magic of a system like this is seeing how at every level of the organization nurses are using the health outcomes data to shape care at the client, organizational and system level. Nurses can see, in real-time, health outcomes data to make informed clinical decisions for care planning and care delivery and can reflect on data to inform nursing practice change.”

Cheryl Reid-Haughian, RN, MHScN Director Professional Practice, Knowledge, Innovation, ParaMed Home Healthcare

Improved Collaboration of Health Care Teams

The new Health Care Team Portal (HCTP) allows health care team members access to view their clients clinical and demographic information all in one central location. Easy to use and always available; HCTP is a web-based portal, accessible from a desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. Client information is stored securely, and only accessible by approved users via a registered login and password. Health professionals can review all of the Clients full history of completed assessments and other clinical records that have been captured over the entire episode of care, as well a Clinical Summary view showing trending patterns for specified measureable clinical readings.

Our team has created a vision that CellTrak is helping enable. By using CellTrak our field staff are more connected and better informed as they deliver home healthcare.

William Gallagher, COO at Grane Home Health Care

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