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Data Recovery Software for Formatted Hard Drive : Samsung Hard Drive

August 5, 2013 Jon 0 Comments

Hard drives are the most popular, conventional, convenient, and reliable media for data storage. Since they are a by-default medium in all PCs, notebooks, and laptops, so are the first choice of users for data handling, installation, and storage. But hard disks crash is a common occurrence as well. Many a times, hard disks are damaged, or corrupted, and users lost their valuable data and installed software. This causes panic for PC users.

It is a general conception that hard disk lost data cannot be restored or recovered. But that is a wrong perception. Specialist companies like iCare Data Recovery Software are there to help their customers restore the data. iCare is expert in data recovery from all standard hard drives of Laptops, PCs, notebooks, and SCSI disk drives. They are known for provision of best services for formatted disk recovery.

The Logical Data Recovery provided by iCare Data Recovery Software is needed in many cases. It includes recovery of data from many partitions which are corrupted, have deleted and lost files and folders, unintentional partition deletion by mistake from users, re-partitioning of drives. This is normally caused by various virus attacks, non expert re-partitioning of logical hard disk drives, accidental incidents of formatting, PC shutdown, or partition deletion or files deleted after format.

The Do-It-Yourself recovery experts built with iCare Data Recovery Software recover and bring back all of your data, from all drives and partitions.

All brands of hard disks are supported by iCare Data Recovery Software which include:

3M, Avatar, Brother, Castlewood, CDC, CMS, DEC, Fujitsu, HP, Hitachi, IBM, Imation, Imprimis, Iomega, JVC, Maxell, Maxoptix, Maxtor, Micropolis, MicroScience, NEC, Olivetti, Panasonic, Quantum, Ricoh, Rodime, Samsung, Seagate, Smith-Corona, Sony, SyQuest, Teac, Toshiba, Verbatim, Wang, Western Digital…

iCare Data Recovery Software is an advanced file recovery tool that is able to restore files after format, deleted files, partition lost, recover deleted files from hard disk, external hard disk drive, memory card, flash memory, sd card, xd card, cf card, pen drive etc.

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