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Employment Partners Group Helping Employers Achieve Flexibility With New Contract Staffing Services : Hard Drive

May 22, 2014 Jon 0 Comments

BOSTON (PRWEB) May 21, 2014

In pursuit of its mission to help clients succeed and grow, Employment Partners Group is now offering contract staffing services.

The Boston-area healthcare recruiting firm concentrates on the placement of rehabilitation, radiology, and laboratory professionals both locally and nationwide. Managing Partner Sean Herndon founded Employment Partners Group because he sought to drive more meaningful relationships with both his clients and candidates relationships that demonstrate integrity, respect, and an understanding of individual business goals and culture.

Ive worked at an international staffing corporation. Ive worked in small mom and pop firms. Ive worked at a very specialized IT firm. They all had a similar mind-set, and thats volume, Herndon said. Dont get me wrong, volume is good, but Id rather focus on a few clients, do everything for them, and be a partner to them. I want to help make them big, strong, and more competitive rather than just trying to fill a job opening.

The addition of contract staffing services helps the firm achieve this mission by providing clients with another option that increases their flexibility in todays turbulent business environment. These new services help clients in a number of ways. Through contract-to-direct arrangements, employers can evaluate a candidates skills and cultural fit before making the direct hire commitment. They can also bring talent in on a short-term basis to cover leaves and periods of peak volume. For instance, during the Boston marathon, the demand for physical therapists in the area is particularly high. Contract staffing allows healthcare providers to ramp up for that busy time without permanently adding to their overhead. Herndon also serves some hospitals and clinics in remote areas where it is hard to attract top candidates. These clients can bring in contractors to fill the gap until they find the right direct hire, or some choose to keep their positions filled with traveling therapists working on a contract basis.

The biggest thing for me is that, here in Boston, there is a need for a local firm to do both perm AND contract, said Herndon, who also fills positions on a national scope. When I inform clients I can now do contracting, the immediate response is I get to work with a recruiter face-to-face.

Employment Partners Group places its contractors through the back-office services of Top Echelon Contracting, Inc. (TEC). As the legal employer for the firms contractors, TEC handles all the legal, financial, and administrative aspects of the contract placements. They also offer contractors a full menu of benefits, including health insurance that complies with the Affordable Care Act.

2014 is the year for contract staffing, especially in healthcare, Herndon said.

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