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ePelican.com, a Mobile Device Buy Back and Re-commerce Site, Announces Its Official Launch : Samsung Hard Drive

August 7, 2014 Jon 0 Comments

Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) May 09, 2014

ePelican.com, a new site created to allow consumers to sell their used mobile devices, today announced its official launch. As part of the re-commerce movement, ePelican.com allows consumers to sell their used mobile devices to upgrade to the latest models or simply to turn old gadgets into cash. ePelican.com pays as much as $ 300 to $ 400 per device, depending on the model and its condition.

A member of the Green Business Bureau, ePelican.com allows consumers to sell their used devices through the site, as well as recycle severely damaged devices that are too far gone, ensuring they dont end up in a landfill or sit for years taking up space in a drawer.

ePelican.com was founded by Jay Kim after identifying the need for a high-quality recommerce site and seeing a tremendous growth opportunity in the sector. And, he also wanted to create a business that served a greater good and helped removed e-waste from the ecosystem.

I decided to start ePelican.com to extend the lifecycle of electronic mobile devices by refurbishing and ultimately reselling them throughout the world, and to help to reduce e-waste, an issue that has little long-term viable solution other than recycle, Kim said.

The process of selling a device is simple and easy on ePelican.com. Sellers can get a free quote on the site before deciding to actually sell them. People looking to sell their devices simply identify their gadget and answer a few questions; ship it to ePelican.com; and get paid fast. ePelican.com users can choose to be paid quickly via check or PayPal.

ePelican.com currently help customers to sell iPhones, sell iPads, sell samsung galaxy smartphones, sell tablet PCs and iPods. Prices vary based on model and condition of the device. ePelican.com fixes devices that can be re-sold; devices that cannot be fixed are recycled by certified recycle partners.

Security is of the highest concern for ePelican.com, Kim said, and all devices are wiped as soon as they are received by company. The site also provides directions for customers to perform data wipe on their own prior to sending it, meaning there is no need to replace the hard drive on the devices.

To learn more about the service or to sell a device, visit: http://www.ePelican.com.

About ePelican.com

Founded in 2014, ePelican.com is a service that allows consumers to sell their used mobile devices for some of the highest prices on the web, and also allows consumers to recycle mobile devices that are too damaged to be used again, ensuring that the components are recycled properly and removed from landfills and of waste streams. ePelican.com pays some of the highest prices on the web for used mobile devices.

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