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External Hard Drives: The Other Drive

April 19, 2013 Jon 0 Comments


We have all heard the term phrase external hard drive, yet some may still not fully understand what that phrase means. By definition an external hard drive is basically a drive that is not found inside the pc rather, it is often connected to a laptop or pc by means of an external connection. In other words the external hard drive is found outside the pc tower. The individual can transport the external hard drive without having to reopen the pc to retrieve the device. 


The advantages of external hard drives over the normal internal drives are portability, accessibility, and independent nature. External hard drives are not found within the pc, rather the drive is connected to the pc with a network cable. Any time the user wishes to use the external hard drive, he/she can simple connect the drive to the working pc. This feature allows the user more hard drive capacity for files, music, and other media forms. Should the individual need the saved files again at another location, the individual can simple take the external hard drive with the saved data and connect it to another pc. This ability to move around important data is a key feature of external hard drives.


In terms of accessibility, the stored files on the external hard drive can be accessed by any machine the user wishes to connect. For example, the individual may wish to copy certain files he/she had been working on at a home pc to the pc in the office. External hard drives permit such accessibility to off site files.


Another important advantage of external hard drives is its independent nature.

If the internal hard drive becomes infected by roaming computer viruses or the drive just dies for no reason. The external hard drive will not be infected by any destruction or damage to the internal drive, therefore files and documents copied onto the external hard drive will be safe and secure should something happen to the internal one. As safety becomes an ever growing concern on the Internet, external hard drives can be used to store sensitive material separated from Internet access. This allows with the use of backup software, the user to maintain sensitive documents and files from possible Trojan and spyware attacks.


Although there are many advantages in regards to using external hard drives, one must remember that external hard drives are hard drives with specific capacity, shelf life, and vulnerability to viruses and damage. External drive does not infer that it is immune to the factors that can cause damage to internal drives. The computer user will still need to be cautious when working with external drives.  


External hard drives are easy to purchase as they can be found at any computer store or on the Internet. Some brand names include Seagate, Samsung, Iomega, Western Digital, and Toshiba. Prices will vary, depending on the brand, design, capacity, performance and any other added feature such as USB support. Often the prices of external hard drives range from under 100 dollars to well above 200 dollars. Again it will depend on the features the user is looking for in an external hard drive.


melissa works as a consultant for backupchain as well is a writer in her free time.

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