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Forensic Innovations’ File Identification Technology Exceeds 3,000 File Types, with Improved Speed and Accuracy

March 19, 2012 Jon 0 Comments

Fishers, Indiana (PRWEB) January 29, 2009

Bringing important technology to the Electronic Discovery industry, Fishers based Forensic Innovations, Inc. is releasing version 2.22 of their File Investigator technology. This new version continues in their plan of supporting more file types (currently supporting 3,171) than any other product in the industry. Along with the added file types, the accuracy of 72 existing file types was improved. Add to that the 66% increase in analysis speed, and this version is truly a large step forward in advancing the state of the art in the analysis and filtering of potential evidence. http://www.forensicinnovations.com.

For 14 years Forensic Innovations has been developing, improving and fine tuning this technology to identify more files faster and more accurately than any other company’s product. Now that they identify over 3,000 different types of files, their next goal is to further improve the performance and start producing industry solutions based on this breadth of file types. Not only do they identify the type of file, but they also extract metadata (from many of the supported file formats) and categorize each file for easy filtering. The result is more efficient use of time and resources in sorting and organizing files and eliminating files from a search. For a list of supported file types, visit: http://www.forensicinnovations.com/formats.html.

This technology applies to a number of other industries as well. Data Backup providers gain the ability to quickly locate a user’s personal data and volunteer the targeted backup of just the data that is valuable to the customer, without requiring the user to search on their own. Document Management solutions benefit from being able to identify the many types of unstructured files found on a user’s hard drive, and manage all of their data rather than just a few popular types. Many Data Recovery applications can recover files that are missing their file names. File Investigator takes the mystery out of these files by accurately identifying the files’ types, renaming them using their metadata, and correcting their file extensions for easy access with native applications. Security / Virus, Worm and Trojan Horse Scanning benefit from the ability to detect Floating Headers that allow malicious code to hide within innocent looking data files.

For addition information on this news, or to request an evaluation for incorporating into third party products, contact Beth Armstrong or visit http://www.forensicinnovations.com.

About Forensic Innovations, Inc.:

Founded in 1995, Forensic Innovations, Inc. provides Computer Forensics software products to customers around the world. Their software identifies and analyzes thousands of file formats, and is used in Document Management, Data Recovery, Data Security, Electronic Discovery, Government Agencies, Law Enforcement, Litigation, Research and anywhere else that computer files need to be identified. As the number and size of hard drives increase so does the need to identify, search and organize the many types of data and files being produced.


Beth Armstrong, Sales Associate

Forensic Innovations, Inc.

8686 Providence Drive

Fishers, Indiana 46038

P: 317-773-9717



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