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Fujitsu Pioneered Usb3.0-sata Bridge Chip – Fujitsu, The Chip – The Electronics Industry

November 24, 2017 Jon 0 Comments

By speeding up transformation of internal and external storage performance, USB3.0 to bring about a fundamental change in the memory market. Because USB3.0 external drive to make the internal drive to achieve the same with the PC data transfer speed, so users can more fully than in the past use of external memory.

According to market demand, Fujitsu introduced the first high-integrated USB3.0-SATA bridge Chip . Easily with existing systems used to match the form factor, the chip greatly simplifies PC and Mac platforms external hard drive access, and provides a USB3.0 port and an external disk drive data transfer between the transparent. Therefore, this chip will help to use those performance reasons, has turned to external SATA (eSATA) for USB applications, so that the drive manufacturers can easily use USB3.0 promised universal connectivity.

USB3.0 main function USB3.0, is also considered SuperSpeedUSB, for those with PC or audio / high-frequency device to provide a variety of devices connected to a standard interface. From the keyboard to high-throughput disk drive, a variety of devices can interface with such a low-cost plug and play connections running smoothly. USB3.0 and USB2.0 compatible with maintaining the same time, it also provides the following several enhancements:

* Greatly improved bandwidth, full duplex bandwidth of up to 5Gbps;
* To achieve a better Power supply Management;
* Allows the host to provide more power for the device to achieve USB charging Battery , LED Lighting and mini-fan in the application;

* Be able to quickly identify the host device;
* New agreement to make data processing more efficient.
USB3.0 storage device can be rate limited storage with large file transfers (such as HD movies). For example, a USB3.0 flash drive used in 3.3 seconds to transfer 1GB of data to a host, and USB2.0 will need 33 seconds to complete.

With the consumer Electronic Devices Resolution and storage capacity increases, the user needs faster transmission performance, to simplify the download, store and share large amounts of content for multimedia. USB3.0 for consumers to connect their simple requirements played a crucial role.

USB3.0-SATA solution Order to achieve a simple method to SATA hard drive for USB3.0, Fujitsu introduced the MB86C301A single-chip solution, which will be based on USB3.0 and SATA / ATA / ATAPI mass storage for the bridge. The bridge chip will USB2.0 and USB3.0 mass storage to be transferred to the SATA and ATA / ATAPI Communicate Agreement.

MB86C301A USB3.0 is the world’s leading chip, using the Fujitsu high-speed serial I / O technology. The near future, the use 65nmCMOS technology to build chips using high-speed USB in the specifications, will achieve lower power consumption and greater flexibility. Fujitsu has been in the “2009SuperSpeedUSB Developer consultative meeting” demonstrated its USB3.0 chip, and prove that it has very fast transfer rate of the industry. The main features


Through the United States USB-IF (USB interface standard group) product certification, and obtain certification;

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