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Hard Disk Data Recovery Services For Complex Hard Disk Damages

January 25, 2018 Jon 0 Comments

Hard disks are the primary storage devices in our home as well as office computers and store many important data in day to day basis. Though it is advised to take regular backup of the data, practically it may not always possible to keep the backup updated. Moreover, you can never prevent your data against accidental deletion, formatting, virus/malware attack or file system corruption and hence, loss of data is also almost inevitable. In such panic situations, technologies like hard disk data recovery can be immensely helpful in recovering the lost, deleted, inaccessible or formatted data from your troubled hard disk.

Most common instances of data loss in a hard disk:

Booting of the system fails with the unusual blue screen of death.
The hard disk is undetectable by the system.
Damage to the connectors and/or chips of the hard disk is clearly noticeable.
Harsh clicking or clinging sound is coming out of the hard disk.
The system is powered on, but the hard disk is unusually silent with no sound or disk movement.

There are many physical components inside the hard disk of your computer, such as head, motor, platter, PCB etc and a small problem with any of them lead to complex cases of data loss or inaccessibility. Precisely, you may loose your valuable data in the hard disk due to any mechanical, electrical or firmware failure.

Under these instances of data loss, users used to experiment with many home remedies such as putting the troubled disk in freezer, heating it or tapping on it etc. However, all these weird processes may cause more harm to the device and thereby diminishing the chances of recovery. Hence, these kind of experimentations, whether physical or by installing any untrusted software should be strictly avoided as that may push your data in the hard disk beyond recovery. Above all, you should never try to open the hard disk as the dust particles in ordinary environment can go in between the platter and the head resulting in permanent loss of data.

A hard disk should only opened inside a CLASS 100 Clean Room lab through professional hard disk recovery engineers.

Note: A CLASS 100 Clean Room is a scientifically controlled environment, where the number of dust particles present is below 100, with the size less than 0.5 microns.

Stellar data recovery is the most trusted hard disk data recovery service provider in India. With indigenous tools, techniques, specialized hard disk recovery engineers, ISO certified CLASS 100 Clean Rooms and vast inventory of hard disks, Stellar has been offering the best in the industry services since 1993.

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