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Hard Disk Failure and Repair

April 24, 2016 Jon 0 Comments

With regards to computer repair, hard drive failure is a typical repair demand. Hard disks go out for a variety of reasons. Hard drives are available in 2 sizes generally. For desktop computers they are 3.5 inch in size and for laptops they are 2.5″ in size. The harddrive and cdrom or dvd drives in computers together with the fans are the only mechanical pieces of equipment in a PC. The mother board and all else is electronic on circuit boards and have no mechanical or moving parts. Hence it makes sense these are a common problem for pc repairs and failure.

Hard disks may crash in a number of ways. The motor that spins them can stop working. That’s easy to diagnose. Pickup the hard drive while it is on and you’ll feel the rotating motion as you move it carefully side to side. It’s going to feel just like a gyroscope in your palm. This means it is rotating. The circuit board that is built onto the backside of the hard disk can crash. That could mean a complete failure also. Thirdly, the small needles inside that are in between the platters are called spindles. They are the reading heads of the computer data on the multiple platters and if they fail to read they cause a harddrive breakdown also. So, hard disk can fail in many ways.

Unreadable boot files can result in a failed start up boot by windows. Those boot up files are needed whenever you start your pc. Hence they have the most process on that portion of the hard disk, the most damage like tires. So it makes sense that not booting up is usually a result of that portion of the hard disk being worn out. Unfortunately you need to validate that the issue is not a virus that has modified or damage the boot files. Virus or damaged Operating System files may be repaired by reloading Windows or resetting you personal computer.

At the moment PCs that need new harddrives are caught by the doubling of costs in the last 4 months. Mainly because of floods in Thailand (where the majority of hard disks are constructed) the price of harddrives has doubled and even tripled in certain models. The price for PC repairs of harddrives will come back downwith a lot more time. I strongly recommend you do not purchase a used hard drive or try and repair a broken drive. Some feel they can repair the sectors and set them aside and utilize the rest of the hard drive. I have found this to be bogus. The time that it takes to set up Windows and locate the drivers, load your applications, install printers, antivirus and the rest is a huge investment that will have to be repeated. So don’t buy used hard disks.

The author is a Utah computer repair technician servicing the Utah county. You can read more abour his work and articles at: http://www.ageeko.com/

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