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Hard disk making no sound- data recovery services can help recover your data

July 26, 2017 Jon 0 Comments

Whether it is a digital image, an audio file, a video file or a Word document, every piece of data can be valuable and even, some data are more precious as they can never be recreated once they are lost. Hence, data loss or inaccessibility is a serious problem and you should take proper measures to counter it. While discussing the importance of data, it is suggested to take regular backup of your data, so that you can be able to restore them if you witness any instance of data loss. Still, data loss never can be completely checked and the situation becomes worse in the case you failed to restore data from the backup. Moreover, any physical failure to the storage device that is mechanical/ electrical/ firmware failure need professional data recovery services to recover back the data in it.

Some real life data loss situations are so horrific that you never have anything in your hand to implement in order to get the data back. Let us suppose a situation, when you face an extremely slow booting and restarted the computer. Then, the computer stops responding completely with an unusual blue screen. Even, the hard drive of the computer doesn’t spin or remains silent with power being on.

In such a case, before reaching to any conclusion, you need to check the power cables and after pulling out the external devices. If everything seems to be alright, then, something must be wrong with the hard drive of your system. As the hard disk is not spinning after power being on, there may be some problem related to the head, the PCB or the motor of the drive.

This is a situation, where no recovery or repair application such as, Windows Recovery, Disk Utility, fixmbr etc. can be helpful. Here, you have to take the help of advanced hard disk recovery services.

However, remember that data recovery is a systematic scientific process that can only be performed by trained professionals. Any attempt to recover data by inexperienced persons can cause further damage to the storage media and lead to permanent data loss. Moreover, ensure that in no circumstances, the troubled storage device is opened in ordinary house or home environment. The dust particles present in the air of an ordinary environment can damage the platter of the storage media, pushing the data in it beyond the scope of any data recovery services.

Any storage media should be opened and repaired for recovery only inside a CLASS 100 Clean Room lab. It is a controlled environment with less than 100 dust particles of size less than 0.5 microns to ensure maximum possible recovery of the inaccessible data.

Stellar Data Recovery is a leading data recovery service provider in India. With innovative data recovery techniques, expert recovery professionals and much needed CLASS 100 Clean Room labs, Stellar assures maximum possible recovery at the earliest. Stellar already has millions of satisfied customers under its belt and still continuing to serve individuals to large corporates across 12 Indian states, including Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Noida, Pune and Vashi.

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