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Hard disk read/write operations #2 Video

March 21, 2012 Jon 0 Comments

Hard Disk Recovery Video

Another data recovery on a non-spinning drive (I convinced it to spin again with some tweaking), I decided to run a few seek operations and get some footage of it. The heads on this drive, likely a 4200RPM disk, from Fujitsu can seek from point to point in less than 12ms. For those of you unfamiliar with hard disk mechanics, it is this seeking behavior that causes the “clicking” noises you hear when your drive is accessing data that is not sequentially organized. The disk heads themselves float off the surface of the disk at a distance of less than 100 microns (not visible in this footage). The smallish projection at the end of the element is used to raise the read-write heads off the surface of the disk when they retract and the drive shuts off (to protect your data in the case of a fall).
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