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Hard Disk Recovery Services In Case Of A Bad Hard Drive

October 20, 2017 Jon 0 Comments

Though, we may use many different storage devices everyday, hard drive of our computer is still the prime media, where we store major volume of work and personal data. With all your valuable data inside, what if the hard drive can not be recognized by the system! Situations like this do happen and sometimes, such data loss situations occur so accidentally that you may never remain prepared for them. However, you can always opt for specialized hard disk recovery services to recover and restore seemingly irrecoverable data safely out of complex cases of data loss or inaccessibility.

You are trying to boot your Windows XP based system and failed to start-up with the occurrence of an error message. The error message that you encounter may be read as below:

Hard drive is not being detected when using a boot diskette
Though there can be many possible causes behind the above error, some of the main causes are listed as below:
May be the hard disk of your computer is using a Disk Drive Overlay (DDO) or some other software on the hard drive.
It may be possible that your hard disk is a SCSI (Small Computer Small Interface) hard disk.
The CMOS has failed to detect and initialize the hard drive properly.
There may be some loose connections or there lies some serious problem with the hard disk.

In order to resolve the error and access the data in the drive, follow the below steps:
In case, you are using a DDO, boot your system normally.
Check for your device drivers and update them, in case you are using a SCSI hard drive.
Check for the CMOS and if needed change it with a new one.
From the BIOS settings change AHCI to IDE.

If after carrying out all the above procedures, you failed to access the hard disk, then, the hard disk is bad and you need professional hard disk data recovery to take on the job.

In between, stop using the hard disk immediately and do not try any kind of home remedies on it, otherwise the hard disk may get damaged further beyond the scope of recovery. Moreover, always remember that never open the hard drive and try to perform hard drive recovery at your own, as that may severely deteriorate the chances of recovery.

Hard disk recovery is scientific process and a job of the professionals. Moreover, opening of physically damaged drives must be carried out inside CLASS 100 Clean Room labs, where there lies less than 100 dust particles of the size below 0.5 microns per cubic foot of air.

Stellar Data Recovery is a well known name in the field of hard disk data recovery services in India. With advanced techniques, expert engineers and CLASS 100 Clean Rooms, Stellar has been providing quality services to millions of satisfied customers for more than 17 years in a row.

Sara Andrew is a copywriter of Stellar Information Systems Ltd.Provider of data recovery and Hard drive recovery.

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