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Hard Drive Golf Launches World’s First Driving Range Tracking System

September 11, 2011 Jon 0 Comments

Everett, WA (PRWEB) August 19, 2010

Hard Drive Golf has launched the world’s first computerized feedback system based on optical sensors and designed to provide golfers with instant and precise feedback on every shot. Statistics include ball speed, trajectory, resting location in the field and the precise distance from the selected target.

The Hard Drive computerized golf range feedback system doesn?t just ?predict? where a ball is going, nor is it a virtual game. Hard Drive is the real thing. It gives golfer’s the hard facts they crave to improve their golf game and Americans are eating it up. ?Hard Drive has optical sensors located in the practice range actually tracking and reporting golf ball movement in the field… so the statistics reported by Hard Drive are not just a computerized ?guess? but represent actual precise feedback of a golfers distance and accuracy?, says Hard Drive President Scott Thomson. The Columbia Super Range, located just outside Seattle, is the company’s inaugural customer and has been using Hard Drive all summer. Manager Hamid Tabrizi says they have been able to absorb the modest monthly maintenance cost and to provide the service to its customers at no additional charge. ?We currently have five of our fifty stalls equipped with Hard Drive and process about 14,000 balls per week? notes Tabrizi. With a planned expansion to eight stalls, we expect that number to grow.?

For a busy facility like the Columbia Super Range the cost of maintaining Hard Drive is less than about 1% of sales revenue. Are they generating any incremental business because of the system? ?We’re having a pretty good year?, smiles Hamid, ?We know Hard Drive users are hitting over 800 buckets per month. Obviously some of that in incremental.?

The introduction of Hard Drive has also allowed for some additional innovations to keep customers coming back. The ?Groove Your Stroke ? Win a Coke? contest has only been in place for a couple of weeks now but the patrons seem to enjoy it. To win a Coke, patrons select the 100 yard target on the screen and then land a ball within 5 yards of the target. That’s it. They print out their ?Performance Profile? on a color laser printer located inside the clubhouse and present it at the counter to redeem their prize. ?We wanted to keep it pretty simple at first?, says Thomson. ?We’ll introduce more complex competitions and probably more substantial prizes as the customers become more comfortable with the system.?

What does the future hold for Hard Drive? There are almost 10,000 driving ranges in North America and the Hard Drive system could be successfully retrofitted into probably 90% of those. What portion of that market can Hard Drive penetrate? ?Look at it this way?, say Thomson. ?Our business model allows Hard Drive’s screens to be offered free of charge to driving range patrons. As a golfer, if you have the choice between continuous digital feedback on each shot or… nothing… what are you going to choose? We think people will choose Hard Drive.?


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