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Hard drive recovery in case of physical damage to your hard disk

September 30, 2017 Jon 0 Comments

While trying to start a Windows XP based computer, an error can occur, following which the data in the hard drive becomes inaccessible. If the reason behind, is the physical damage to the hard drive of your computer, you badly need expert hard drive recovery services to recover your valuable data. The error can be as below:

“Setup did not find any hard drives installed on your computer ”  


Analyzing the above error message, the first thing that comes into the mind is that the BIOS (Basic Input Output System) has not detected the hard disk and the data is inaccessible . Sometimes, there are more than one possible cause lie behind a single error message. Here, the above error can be caused due to any of the following problems:

There is some sort of malfunctioning to the MBR (Master Boot Record)of the hard disk.
The initial sector or sector 0 of the hard disk contains incorrect MBR.
The particular partition, which contains the MBR is no longer active or is incompatible.
The hard disk of the computer has got physically damaged.


It is the best way to start the resolution process systematically and with checking out the simple things first. We may never know, if it is just an instantaneous error and will go as simply as it had appeared. To begin with, you should start verifying whether the BIOS recognizes the hard disk and lists it or not. If the BIOS is unable to detect the hard disk drive,you need to try repairing the MBR. Go to the Windows recovery console by pressing the key ‘R’ at the startup and run the command ‘fixmbr’. If the problem is still unsolved after running the ‘fixmbr’ command, there lies a serious problem with the hard disk and you need professional hard disk data recovery solution to recover back your data.

Note: If the computer has any problem related to the hardware or the error is due to any virus/malware intrusion, the ‘fixmbr’ command may trigger more trouble by making the partition completely inaccessible. Hence, it is advised to throughly run an anti virus prior to the ‘fixmbr’ command.

Hard drive has many sensitive parts in it, such as platter, head, PCB, spindle motor etc and any small problem to one of them can cause serious data loss or inaccessibility in a hard disk. Hence, one thing you must remember that in no case, you try to open the hard disk by your own in an ordinary environment. In ordinary environment, dust particles may go inside and damage the platter beyond recovery. Any troubled hard drive should only be opened inside a CLASS 100 Clean Room, which is a controlled environment containing less than 100 dust particles of size below 0.5 microns.

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