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HD or full HD, the best HDD media player : HDD Technology

September 10, 2013 Jon 0 Comments

With the technology develops, more and more people are care about HD products which change quickly. Since 2010, the HD products became the hottest. They are increasing very fast. As new style products in china, the 12 months, they have designed new functions to satisfy different people’s requirements. It is a product that can entertain people when they use it. Take the YiJie M880 as an example.

When you have the HDD media player, you can play your favorite programs that online or download them from the internet. The M880 adopts the RTD1073DDC+HD, it support the H.264, MPEG1/2/4, DIVX, XVID, VC1, RMVB and so on. It is the full—format decoding. 100 percent hardware decoding, it adopt the using CPU+DSP architecture, and highlighting the superior performance. it is the first style that support audio output. Users can output HDMI DTS—HD, and the dolby true HD the next generation of track and 7.1 channel output. When you play such product, you will find the audio and video are superb.

it support high speed download and 720p play on line and so on. The third generation of M880 can support on line play, and supply the HD 720p, compatible with all kinds of formats that on the internet. As we know that there are all kinds of different programs on the web, with the help of this product you can watch them on your big screen TV, it is really wonderful.

It is a VFD digital number screen, so it can reveal the time, or time that you play the programs. The M880 was designed by the top designer in the world, and it got the design prize in 2010. The HDD media player used the magnesium alloy+ABS material with black matte surface treatment process, so it reveals the spirit of the noble. When you put together with your LCD TV, home audio, high—level audio, it looks wonderful in your home.

When the M880 produced on the market, it was welcomed by many people, for the new style, and powerful functions. It is the 3.5 inch RTD1073DD, and the products are sold in many west countries, Asian countries and so on.

Several years ago, the DVD products were very popular in the market. While today the HDD media players occupy it. There are many advantages about the product when comparing with DVD players.

And I hope with the help of this product you can enjoy your favorite programs at your home with your family members.

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