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HDD and its components : Sata HDD

March 25, 2013 Jon 0 Comments

In the year of 1954, 14th December a great portable disk drive was invented by an IBM team leader “Rey Johnson”. A HDD or hard disk drive was invented for the digital devices and this drive is a non-stable and random access disk device for computer data. The characteristic of this drive is to spin the fixed platters on a working drive, with protective corral. On the platters the data is read and written by the write or read heads which is feeded in the input. SATA and SAS are the two drives which appear at the edge of the hard disk drive as an adjacent set of logical blocks, mainly five hundred twelve bytes long but with the changing period the industries are on their way to change the byte to four thousand ninety- six bytes of logical blocks.

The method of installing these blocks on the platter is better known as low level formatting and it is usually functional at the industry. The high level formatting writes the file into an elected logical block just to make a logical block obtainable to the host operating system. . Now in this era, the HDD (Hard Disk Drive) works on a very high speed with the serial edges such as SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) or SATA (Serial ATA). Hard disk was mainly invented to be generally used in mini and main frame computers. Hard disk drive comes in a variety of models and as newer processors are introduced so are hard disk drives.

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Installing a second SATA hard drive in a PC takes strain off of an operating system’s drive and adds value to a computer.
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