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Hdd Recovery Software to Recover Hard Drive Data from Lost or Deletion

May 30, 2016 Jon 0 Comments

There are different types of storage media attached to our computer, such as external/internal hard disk, USB drive, CD, DVD, flash drive etc. We customize our usage in terms of their physical size and storage capacity. Among all these storage devices, we use hard drive of the computer as our primary storage media.

Moreover, be it an internal hard disk or even external, we usually store huge amount of data and that to for the purpose of storing for a longer period. As these hard drives are dealt with quite often, chances of data loss or deletion is a genuine possibility. Though we give importance on the storage devices, it is the data that is the most important thing for us and hence, for any data loss situation with the hard drive should be dealt with any hard drive recovery software.

Prominent instances of logical data loss from your hard drive:

Accidental deletion.

Knowingly deleted with shift+delete and realized the need of the data at the very next moment.


Virus attack or malware intrusion leading to data loss or becoming inaccessible.

Hard drive formatting or repartitioning etc.


It will be a long list of simple to really complex reasons that can be behind the loss of data in a hard drive and to compel you to look for hard drive recovery.

Dos & Don’t s after any instance of data loss from the hard drive:

As hard drive contains your valuable data, the data loss instances should be handled with utmost care in order to recover the data from the troubled drive safely. The first and fore most thing, which we should always remember is that the data from the hard drive is never permanently lost until some other data has not been overwritten on it. Hence, never run any defragmenting utility or install unnecessary software to the troubled drive. Never ever try to open the drive and it is always better to opt for a trusted hard drive recovery software.

Hard drive recovery software are developed with powerful search algorithms, that can dig out the lost data and recover them thereafter. Even, you need not have to study the utility as there are detailed instruction set for each step.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is a worthy possession to recover hard drive data under any instance of data loss. The software can recover your data from the ATA, SATA, SCSI, ZIP drives, USB flash drives etc with ease and is compatible with Windows 7, XP, Vista, 2000 and 2003.

Hello everyone. I am a software analyst here is a piece of my research on data recovery software to recover windows files and also analyses how to use hard drive recovery software

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