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How Do I Remove HDD Repair – How to Perform HDD Repair Removal

November 25, 2016 Jon 0 Comments

HDD Repair is the most common virus when we are using a computer. Your anti-virus program may detect this virus but can not remove it; you can just delete the infected files. Besides that, HDD Repair will infect the EXE applications on your computer. If so, you had better backup the important documents and information first and then delete the infected files. For convenience, you can also turn on the Active Defense function of your security program, especially the Registry protection and Application integrity protection. It will be better for keeping your computer in safe.

How HDD Repair affects your PC
HDD Repair is a fake antivirus software that gets installed on your computer through a Trojan. It is a fraud program that is created with only one goal to trick computer users into buying a licensed version of their program. Once installed, HDD Repair will be programed to open automatically when your computer starts. When windows starts it will automatically scan your computer and find many malwares, but will not delete the infections until you buy the licensed software. It shows false scan results and false security warnings to convince you to think that your computer is infected with virus. These malware infections are all fake. Please do not buy the software based on anything it displays.

The latest badware to hit the web is the HDD Repair. It is related to rogue program Antivirus suite. Its two main objectives are to cause fear and trick a computer user in to paying money for a false program.

It clings to your computer through Trojans. Once enabled it changes the computer’s registry and each time you try to launch, the fakeware would launch as well. Identifying if you have it in your computer would be through pop-ups and alerts that you will receive stating that your computer system is infected.

HDD Repair conducts a fake scan of your system and eventually detects false reports about your computer having a Trojan or a virus and would then prompt you to download the complete suite to be able to remove them. Of course, you will need to pay to be able to get the program.

For a new computer user, it would be scary. Computers and the Internet have been a part of out lives and the last thing we want is seeing crash due to this malware. So the tendency is that we act right away by purchasing the complete program hoping that it would fix the problem, just to find out that you’ve been scammed for money and the worst part, the removal never happened. Don’t buy this fake software as it will not help at all. If you’ve already paid for it, please dispute the charge with your credit card company.

A highly recommended tool to remove HDD Repair is RegistryQuick which is available for free at http://www.fixpctrouble.info Before you try other programs, give RegistryQuick a try! You will be surprised!
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