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How To Back Up Nintendo Wii Games Video

September 16, 2012 Jon 0 Comments

Hard Disk Drive Video

You must Hack Your Nintendo Wii First, Softmod the Wii, and Install a USB Loader Prior to Backing up your Nintendo Wii Games Find out how to hack your Nintendo Wii Here: www.youtube.com How To Back Up Nintendo Wii Games to a USB Storage Device First, you need a USB storage device that will be used to hold games USB Flash Drives and External Hard Drives are among your options 8 gb and above is preferably Not all of them will work, but most of them will work with the Wii Plug the USB Storage Device to Port 0 which is the bottom USB port if the Nintendo Wii is laying on its square bottom Follow the directions after you have received USB Loaders and managed to make them work. Extra Tags: How To Back Up Backup Back-up Add and Install Get Nintendo Wii Games From On USB Storage Device Disc DVD Flash Drive External Hard Drive Harddrive Burn 4.0 4.3 4.2 4.1 3.0 Free Hack Soft Mod Softmod Loader GX Configurable Port 0 ISO Homebrew “How to Back Up Nintendo Wii Games” “Nintendo Wii” “USB Storage Device” “External Hard drive” “Back Up Nintendo Wii Games” “Free Wii Games” “How to install Wii Games onto USB” “Backup Wii Games onto Wii”
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