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How To Format Hard Drive : Fujitsu Hard Drive

March 27, 2014 Jon 0 Comments

Formatting the hard drive is the ultimate option to get rid of computer viruses, and other glitches. Once you format the hard drive, all data stored on it get deleted. If you format the drive that stores the operating system, you need to reinstall the OS and other drivers. Don’t know to format hard drive? Go through this article and learn how to perform this task. You may also get help from a computer repair service provider.


Before you proceed, back up all the data stored on the hard drive. You may use another hard drive or an external storage device in order to perform this task. If you need to format the hard drive due to virus infection, you should run a virus scan of all your documents, bookmarks, software data files as well as photos and multimedia files before copying.


If you are planning to sell your computer, then it is suggested to erase all your existing data. Otherwise, you may face identity theft problems. You have two options when it comes to formatting the hard drive. You can either format the drive and reinstall Windows or just format the drive without installing Windows.


Would you like to reinstall Windows operating system as part of your formatting? If yes, you need to go into your BIOS and set the boot priority as the CD-ROM drive and restart the computer and follow the steps to boot from the CD listed on the screen. You need to select to install a fresh copy of Windows. Choose the drive where you want to install the new operating system. Next, you will be asked to format the hard drive. Format it and continue with the Windows installation process.


Now, let’s see how to format the Drive without Reinstalling Windows.

If you want to format the primary partition then you need a boot disk. But if you want to format a secondary disk, then you can do it without the boot disk. To format the primary partition, go into your BIOS and set CD drive as the first boot device. Then restart your PC with the boot disk in the drive. Type “fdisk” and select “Y” to enable large disk support. It will create a partition and set the partition to active. After formatting the drive, reboot the computer again and type “Format c:”. Now, type Y to confirm formatting.


Following these steps, you can easily format the hard drive on your computer. You may get help from an online tech support provider if you face any difficulties to perform this task.

Online computer support companies offer help to the PC users to format hard drive. For computer repair in New York, there are many reliable service providers.

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