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How to Recover Hard Drive Data When the ntfs.sys File is Missing in Windows : recover hard drive data

October 8, 2013 Jon 0 Comments

A hard drive is the primary storage device in the computer systems, which helps you to store valuable data. Apart for this, the important system files that are required to run the system are stored in the hard drive. Lot many times, these files get missing or damaged during an update, thereby disabling you from starting the computer. In such cases, you should try to copy these files from the CD of the operating system. If that does not solve the issue, then you should use a third-party  hard drive data recovery software to recover the trapped data.


You can consider a situation where in you are unable to start your Windows XP Service Pack 2 system. The following error message is displayed on a black screen:


“Windows could not start because the following file is missing:






This problem can happen if you have performed the following steps:


You have installed Windows XP SP 2.

You have installed the Windows XP SP1 rollup.

Once you installed the Windows XP SP1 rollup, you also enabled hyper-threading, or have added a second processor to the system.




To resolve this problem, you should replace the necessary startup files using the Windows XP Setup CD. To do this, the following steps are required:


Insert the Windows XP Setup CD in the CD-ROM drive and start the computer.

Press R to enter the Recovery Console when the ‘Welcome to Setup’ screen appears.

At the Recovery Console command prompt, enter the following commands to copy the required files in your computer.

Press ENTER after every command:


cd system32

ren ntkrnlpa.exe ntkrnlpa.old

ren ntoskrnl.exe ntoskrnl.old

cd “c:\windows\driver cache\i386”

expand sp2.cab -F:ntkrpamp.exe c:\windows\system32

expand sp2.cab -F:ntkrnlmp.exe c:\windows\system32

cd c:\windows\system32

ren ntkrpamp.exe ntkrnlpa.exe

ren ntkrnlmp.exe ntoskrnl.exe


Type ‘exit’ and press Enter to quit the Recovery Console.

Restart the computer.


If you are still facing similar error message after performing these steps, then you should look to reinstall the operating system. However, that would require taking the backup of the valuable data from the hard drive that can be done using a third-party hard drive recovery software. Such tools are read-only in nature that do not damage the existing files during the Windows recovery.


The most reliable hard drive recovery software that recovers lost, formatted, or deleted files from different types of storage devices is Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery. Able to recover more than 185 different file types, this hard drive data recovery software recovers deleted emails from MS Outlook and Outlook Express as well. It is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, 2000, and NT4(SP6).


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