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How to secure your USB drive

November 27, 2015 Jon 0 Comments

The world is not perfect as we all know, for those who think its perfect are unquestionably delusional. The same can be said for technological innovations. There is no such gadget or gizmo out there that works flawlessly. Take for example: A portable USB flash drive, you may think it’s a handy little device capable of storing tons of data and that’s great and all, but what if you lose your USB drive that contained your personal files? There is no built in security into the USB storage device to restrict access from the likes of identity thieves, which is a major flaw from a file security standpoint. This is why we should take additional steps to ensure our own data security.

Many people out of necessity need to store their private data into their USB drives and assume the risk of loss every time they step out of their homes. However, for every problem there is usually a solution. In this case, the solution to securing your USB device is USB security software. Though, there’s plenty of USB security software to choose from, but only a few are reliable and glitch free. One such highly rated USB security software is USB Secure. The beauty of this product is its dynamic features and options. In addition, USB Secure works with any type of portable storage device that can be plugged in to your USB slot; protection with USB Secure is PC independent and does not require installation and any administrator rights at the other end.

However, many people lack technical knowledge of installing computer software, such as file security software and as a result, they are the first to fall victim to e-crimes. Following these easy to understand steps will ensure that you are successfully able to install USB secure on your USB drive:

If you already downloaded USB secure, then proceed to step 2, otherwise you can download USB secure from download.com; simply search for ‘USB Secure’.
Once downloaded, plug in your USB device and double click on the downloaded executable file of USB Secure.
Once installation is completed, you will be prompted to setup a password. Once your password is set, you’ll be prompted to wait while your data is being protected. After this procedure is completed, you’ll receive a confirmation, that your USB Drive is protected successfully.
Access to protected files can be gained by re-entering your password. To gain entry to files you are provided with two options
Open in virtual drive (this method temporarily enables the user to view files in a virtual drive and your files will stay protected once you remove your USB drive from the USB slot.)
Unprotect this drive (this option permanently disables file protection)

Hopefully, you had no trouble installing USB secure on your USB drive; now you can be rest assured that wherever you take your USB device, your private files will always stay protected.

Password Protection Tip:

Set a password that is easy to remember, but impossible for others to guess.


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Edward Robin is Marketing Manager at New Softwares.net, a data protection and Information Security company that provides software to Secure USB and external storage devices.

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