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HP DAT 160 ? tape device loaded with best storage features

March 21, 2014 Jon 0 Comments

Almost every smaller and medium company is today generating enormous amount of data that is crucial to protect. Conventional data storage techniques are no longer relevant to them. This is because of the new requirements of the businesses emerging up when it comes to safeguarding the important client details. Today, hackers also have become smarter and you need to adopt improved Digital Data Storage techniques.

HP DAT 160 technology from HP [Hewlett-Packard’s] is today sought-after for its new features of data storage. Most of today’s businesses have switch to this technique for its unique advantages for business to small to medium scale and for larger enterprises as well. The device is capable of providing the businesses the much-required back up storage technology for their enhanced storage requirements. This storage device is sixth generation technology and offers you the storage of data for a long duration.

Design of HP DAT 160 is such that smaller computing systems or remote offices a take maximum advantage of it. The tape storage device also is highly useful for financial databases and high-end workstations. One of its benefits is that it carries sufficient backup applications for the users. You can pick up from USB or SCSI connectivity. This makes it certain that you integrate the drives in keeping with the storage requirement of your company.

HP DDS tape has a greater data transfer speed that so essential for growing businesses. Swift data transfer achieved at greater speed allows you to backup huge amount of data at once. Clearly, such speedy transfer of data is what makes the storage device perfect for big IT companies.

HP DAT 320 tape storage has a top speed of 12 MB per sec transfer rate and the device comes with a capacity of 320 GB on a single cartridge.

DAT 320 allows you to store up to 86.4 GB per hour. You can have storage capacities for DDS-DAT media from as low as to 40 GB to 320 GB. This gives small and medium scale companies a good range of storage capacity. You can opt for HP DAT -160 for maximum backup performance. It is highly dependable for high speed with the utmost backup assured.

The backup storage presentation of DAT-160 is remarkable. The businesses accomplish the task of backup storage at 49.3 GB per hour-compressed rate. This tape technology is your solution to use in remote offices, workgroups, and data intensive environment and in any other places.

Your company and its growing business need high speed with greater amount of data recorded. In that case, know that HP DAT -160 tape can hold 160 GB of compressed data and up to 80 GB native data. Its USB drive ascertains high-speed backups and ensures high quality standards.

Simplicity of the storage system is another useful feature. You do not have to wait for the system to get started, as the USB model is fast. It takes merely 60 seconds to start. The device is easier to handle for data storage due to very practical and a simple design. Just insert the most recent backup tape and press a button to restore the system. We can say that HP DAT 160 is storage system for small and medium companies, designed perfectly for their storage requirements.

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