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HP LTO-2 Tape Technology Efficiently Secures Your Data

March 12, 2018 Jon 0 Comments

Over the past few years, the volume of digital information being generated has dramatically increased.  There is a growing flood of Emails and the previous analogue data including images, sound and motion pictures are being transformed to digital formats.  In addition to this, the data security needs and rigorous regulations have forced the companies to alter their enterprise storage and recovery strategies.

LTO tape storage technology has proven to be the industry’s leading format that facilitates the users to meet the rigid data laws such as “European Union Data Retention Directive” and “Sarbanes Oxley”.  IT professionals and data managers prefer the HP’s data media devices that are intelligently manufactured to industry standards.  HP ultrium-448 drives, based on LTO-2 tape generation, are ideally designed to support the modern storage infrastructure and data rich media environments.  HP LTO-2 tape drives can be confidently installed in workgroups, remote offices, financial institutions, and small to large scale servers.

Ultrium-448 drives feature space-saving half height form factor, which enables the users to install the drive in 5.25-inch standard media bays.  Ultrium-448 drives are perfect for space-constrained storage environments.  HP ultrium-448 drive can record 400GB compressed and 200GB native data with rock solid reliability.  HP LTO-2 drive features 2:1 data compression.  Higher media capacity of HP LTO-2 tape contributes to the reduced operational cost, as now the organizations can complete data-intensive backups onto fewer LTO-2 ultrium tapes.

The data managers are now more concerned about investment protection and scalability.  Well the data managers need not to worry, because the HP LTO-2 tape drives provide you seamless upgrades and secure your investment by featuring the read/write capability with LTO 1 tapes.  Faster data rate is essential in busy data centers.  That is why HP has increased the transfer rate of its LTO-2 ultrium drive to 48 Mbps (compressed).  With such high speed, the users can easily store half a terabyte of data onto the HP LTO-2 tape within 2.5 hours.  HP LTO2 tapes are highly durable and allow long term archiving at an economical price.

Ultrium 448 drives are available with the SAS and SCSI interface models.  This facilitates the customers to conveniently attach the HP LTO-2 drives with SAS-based servers by using either host bus SAS adapter or Serial Attached SCSI controller.  The SCSI based models of HP LTO-2 drives are compatible with HP 9000, ProLiant and AlphaServers platforms, and the SAS based models are ideal for HP ProLiant servers.  In addition to this, the HP ultrium-448 drives deliver unbeatable performance with other industry leadings servers as well including IBM, Dell and Sun.

Top LTO-2 ultrium tape brands are:

HP LTO 2 tape

Verbatim LTO-2 tape

Maxell LTO 2 tape

Imation LTO 2 tape

Fuji LTO2 tape

Sony LTO2 tape

Dell LTO 2 tape

HP has employed a new OBDR (One Button Disaster Recovery) system in its LTO-2 ultrium drives, therefore now the customers can easily restore the entire backup system just by pressing a button.  HP offers its customers comprehensive data storage solutions that assure seamless business operations and keep your organization ahead of the rival enterprises.

Frank Miller is the Marketing Manager of Backuptape and markets LTO2 Tape and HP LTO2 Tape. He has vast experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping buyers who have the backup needs and guide clients about the technology. Frank Miller 3984 Washington Blvd #503 Fremont CA 94538 Tel: 888-686-8273 Fax: 888-449-5050 Email: sales@backuptapes.net

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