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Improving Memory Effectively

November 26, 2017 Jon 0 Comments

Good memory is not essential just for a particular group of people belonging to an age group, class or gender; but it is required by everybody, such as school children, and adults going on about their professional lives. Being of such high importance, good memory is something that is desired by all. No wonder, those who have are born with it are considered to be blessed and lucky. The ones who suffer from memory related problems can take a number of steps to improve it.

To improve and maintain your memory, you first need to be aware of the impact that health related problems may have on it. At times, a person’s overall well-being may play a major role in enhancing his/her memory.

Fortunately, a great amount of work has been done related to improving one’s memory. Firstly, you can enhance it by remembering things through the help of association. For example, give a hand at associating the things that you are supposed to remember, with another object or situation that you are well familiar with. This especially comes in handy while memorizing new concepts, as you can relate them to something that you have learned in the past.

A lot of research has proved that mnemonics greatly help in enhancing memory. This can be done by creating your own mnemonics which seem to be the most helpful to you. You can use music or rhymes depending on what works best for you.

Think back and you will see yourself sitting in a classroom and repeating a rhyme various times till you had memorized it completely. Repetition is a highly effective way of remembering things. You can practice doing so, by repeating anything that has to be stored in the memory. And you will notice that you will remember it successfully later.

Visualization also greatly helps in recalling things later. Take the example of visualizing an event that recently took place, in your mind. You will be better at recalling how the events took place in the right order and remember some little details about it.

Most importantly, a stressful lifestyle does little to promote good memory. If you take a lot of stress, it will be likely that you have a hard time concentrating on important things, which is why you cannot even remember them properly later.

Amy Chan is a gadget freak and an avid iPhone lover. She has owned every version of the iPhone since it’s birth. In her spare time, she is also a hobbyist columnist for several online websites and blogs. You can read her latest articles about full length mirror and wrought iron mirror.

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