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Issues About Choosing a Laptop SATA Hard Drive Dock Firewire

September 8, 2011 Jon 0 Comments

Have an older laptop IDE hard drive laying around after a system upgrade? Looking for a good solution to easily connect and use your internal hard disk drive? If you’re like many in todays modern techno-family, then you have extra hard drives lying around your home. Additionally, with the low cost of hard drives today, there really is no reason not to have extras for archive purposes. IDE/SATA hard disk dock is really a fine solution. There’re so many brand (NewerTech, Thermaltake, Unitek, NexStar) docking stations that we can’t make a right decision. Today, I want to list some issues about hdd docking station. Let’s start by one of the most important questions on “how many interfaces does a featured dock have?”

Data Transfer Interfaces

Most of notebook hdd dock has USB 2.0 port, and it’s the standard configure. Although it’s a little than firewire 800 or eSATA interface, it can meet our main need. Once mounted, you can watch the data just fly off the platters since you get the option of either Firewire 800 or eSATA. When you go with the latter, you’re getting near internal mount speeds of 3.0Gb/s. Even at 1394b rates, data access was darn impressive in our tests. If you want to transfer video to your computer, 1394B is going to help you easily, particularly as you use a MacBook.

First Impression and Price

There is nothing to be said against it that NewerTech products have always struck me as a variety of maker’s units that get conglomerated under one “brand” label, which isn’t necessarily bad, but it gives that brand name less power in my opinion. However, we need also regard the price factor. Actually, if you want to get a full-interface hd dock, Voyager Q or NexStar is a fine solution. If transfer speed is not your first priority, usb2.0 or firewire800/400 mac hdd dock can meet demand.

External Laptop PC Hard drive Dock not Recognize?

First check the manual list and make sure your laptop hard drive is compatible with your hdd dock station. And then right click “my computer” and select “Manage” when that Windows opens select “disk management” on the left side, you should see your hard drive there, activate and format the partition and it should appear as any other hard drive when it’s plugged in. If you have access to a secondary PC or laptop, try connecting your drive to it using a different USB cable. Also try unplugging your drive from the power outlet for a few seconds and then connecting it again. If it’s still not being recognized, you need to download the latest hard disk dock driver. For more infor about this artilcle, you can have a read through EzineArticle “Issues About Choosing a Hard Drive Dock Station

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