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LaCie LaCinema Classic HD HDMI USB 2.0 2TB Hard Disk Video

April 11, 2012 Jon 0 Comments

Hard Disk Drive Video

“SPECIAL DISCOUNT LINK (AT AMAZON): www.amazon.co.uk Technical Details Ethernet, USB 2.0 The Lacie LaCinemaClassic HD external hard drive is ideal for bringing multimedia contentto the comfort of your living room. This multimedia hard drive has a wide range of connection ports, includingHDMI, coaxial digital, RCA and USB for compatibility with both TVs and computers. What’s more, this hard drive can upscale videos in standard resolution tooptimise viewing on an HD screen. This compact and stylish device thereforeensures excellent image quality, no matter what you’re watching.”

I’ve received SO MANY Megaman song requests!!! So instead of releasing them one by one, I thought it’d be far more efficient to just release this really long video with all of them! I had to code a little something to handle queuing the songs up. If you are a fellow Moppy user, or just interested, check out this video for a brief explanation: www.youtube.com Hope you guys enjoy this small performance by my humble floppies. Every Megaman song I’ve done has been put in this video and it includes updated versions of them. I’m putting up annotations so you can jump straight to your favorite song right now =P Otherwise below is the list of songs in the order that they are being played. Just so happens, it’s alphabetical. I like order. Airman Armored Armadillo Blast Hornet Bubbleman Crashman Dr. Wily’s Castle Gravity Beetle Megaman 3 Intro Metalman Sigma Stage Storm Eagle Top Man Toxic Seahorse Volt Catfish Zero’s Theme ________________________________________________________ Enjoyed this? You know you did. Check out my other stuff: youtube.com/playlist?list=PL44C2614808EB920E Want to help me improve my setup? Any donation is welcome and you can send it to my Paypal account: AJ_DOM@hotmail.com FAQ: dl.dropbox.com Request Status: dl.dropbox.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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