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Leading Instant Restore Challenges Users to Hack My PC, and Win an Xbox at Microsoft TechEd 2014

June 15, 2014 Jon 0 Comments

Blaine, WA (PRWEB) May 12, 2014

Horizon DataSys, the premier developer of instant PC recovery software, is pleased to announce that it will send several representatives to host and manage a booth at the Microsoft TechEd 2014 information technology and IT security conference in Houston, TX, on May 11th, 2014.

The companys booth at the conventions Tech Expo will feature RollBack RX and Drive Vaccine software in the public-access environment. HDS staff will be there to answer questions from conference attendees and to demonstrate the capabilities of RollBack RX and Drive Vaccine.

The team at Horizon DataSys is eager to roll out this years Hack My PC, Win an XBox contest. Users are encouraged to go on the demo computer at our booth and try to crash it to the point where RollBack RX wont be able to fix it.

Damir Khamzin, Marketing Representative at Horizon DataSys, is quoted saying RollBack RX and Drive Vaccine are like a time machine for Windows but with even more functionality. We strongly believe that it works, so thats why we want participants to try anything they can to hack our system. Users are NOT allowed to physically tamper with the machine. However, they can delete the registry, install any malicious software they want or even download a Cryptolocker to debilitate the machine. If RollBack RX cant reverse your hard work, then you win the Xbox.

To this date, no one has ever successfully managed to crash the system. Many of the attendees at Microsoft TechEd have years of computer/IT experience. This contest not only demonstrates the capabilities of the RollBack RX software, but also allows Horizon DataSys to engage with IT professionals about how we can make the customer-side experience better. We hope to learn as much as we can about the IT industry, and leverage our knowledge to help our customers using our software.

Horizon DataSyss main products, RollBack RX and Drive Vaccine, are able to recover from any disaster the user puts it through. RollBack RX is a replacement for Windows System Restore. The difference between the two is that RollBack can restore a drive to a snapshot perfectly. The default System Restore in Windows only works at the file level, and can only restore system files and SOME user files. RollBack RX restores every file that is in the target snapshot. Also, RollBack RX is an alternative to Windows 8 Reset and Refresh. Its used by IT professionals and technicians and is very effective and quickly handling micro-disasters that usually take hours, sometimes days to fix.

Microsoft TechEd is an ideal environment to network with professionals in the industry and get the latest information on emerging technologies in the IT field. The 5-day event is known around the world as one of the premier tech conferences on Earth,

Drive Vaccine public-access PC software. It can also be used for educational environments, libraries, kiosks, Internet Caf

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