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Linux Recovery Software to Recover Back Your Data for Any Instance of Hard Drive Crash

September 30, 2016 Jon 0 Comments

Are you annoyed by the crashing of your Linux system regularly? The reason can be anything, including the infection of a deadly virus/malware, operating system malfunction, corruption/missing of data structure of your hard drive etc. Apart from these, there can be a number of reasons for which your Linux hard drive crashes almost every time, you boot the system leaving all your valuable data inaccessible. However, you need not have to ponder on how to recover back your lost/inaccessible data, just try any good Linux data recovery software and it can recover all your data for you safely.

You may encounter the below symptoms while encountering the crash of your Linux hard drive:

.Your Linux system fails to boot-up.
.You are receiving a blank or a dark screen when trying to boot your Linux system.
.The system is exceptionally slow and is taking a much longer boot time.
.You are frequently encountering the rebooting of your Linux system and hangs frequently.
.Getting an error message, such as: “No Fixed Disk Present” or “DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER”.
.On start-up receiving error message, such as: “Operating system not found” or “Drive not formatted”.
.There can be a number of possible causes, for which you are encountering the above mentioned situations of data loss or inaccessibility from your Linux system. To name a few, below are some serious and complex causes behind hard drive crash:
.Corrupted or damaged Master Boot record(MBR).
.Deletion or missing of necessary system files.
.Corruption to the superblock of the hard drive.
.Corruption to the file system of the Linux hard drive.
.Deadly boot sector virus or malware infection.
.In all the above data loss situations, first of all, you can try repairing your operating system by running the operating system CD. However, if you do not get any positive result out of it, try the ‘fsck’ command-line utility, which is meant to locate any file system based errors and fix them.

In case, you are still unable to resolve the issue, you have to format the hard-drive and make a fresh installation of the operating system. As formatting will erase all the data from the Linux hard drive, you have to restore them from a valid backup. If backup is unavailable, you have to use any Linux drive recovery utility to bring the lost/formatted data.

You can choose Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery software, which has been very popular among the users for its efficiency in recovering the lost, deleted, formatted or inaccessible data from any instance of LINUX hard drive crash. Moreover, another good thing is that this risk-free utility instructs you at every step of operation and can be easily used without much technical knowledge

Maria Peter a student of Mass Communication doing research on Data recovery Linux, Linux Data Recovery software And Ext3 Recovery.she is also a freelancer for http://www.data-recovery-linux.com/

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