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MCTS 70-680: Windows7 Bare Metal Restore using a system image Video

September 11, 2012 Jon 0 Comments

Hard Disk Repair Video

This video looks at restoring your Windows 7 using a system image saved to the network using Windows Backup and Restore. In this case, the original image is taken from a Hyper-V virtual machine and then restored to a VMware virtual machine. Both virtual machines have different hardware and the restore is a Bare Metal Restore to different hardware. Demonstration 01:45 To be able to recover Windows 7 using Backup and Restore, you need to ensure that the backup you performed had a system image included or you manually created a system image. A system image will save all the file and folders on the hard disk to a VHD file. Backup and Restore also supports a file and folder style backup. Because of this, the system image could be used to recover your operating system. If there were changes made to the user documents file since the system image was performed and the File and Folder style backup was run, this backup can be used to restore the user files while the system image can be used to restore the operating system. This video will look at using both to restore the operating system. It should be pointed out however, if your system image backup is up to date, this is the only backup that you need to use to restore the system. Demo Backups in Windows 7 are done using the Backup and Restore utility. This can be found in the control panel under “system and security.” A system image backup can be included in a backup or can be performed manually by selecting the option on the
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