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New application revolutionizes Computer Privacy on the Internet

March 17, 2014 Jon 0 Comments

(PRWEB) June 24, 2003

Privacy Guard® from Amic Games is an application designed to offer secure deletion of all the unwanted files on a computer. It can easy locate and clean the Internet History, Cookies, Cache, Recycled Bin, Windows run and find history, index.dat files, temporary folders, and any custom file or folder.

Unlike traditional file shredders and Internet Privacy utilities, Privacy Guard® uses a brand new technology to erase the files on the magnetic media.

When deleting a file Windows only removes a file’s directory entry, but leaves the data contained in the file on the disk drive, which can be easily recovered by any average computer user using a undelete utility.

Most file shredders try to destroy the files by overwriting them several times with junk or random values. This makes it impossible to recover by the average computer user, but it still can be recovered by special designed hardware and software.

Faced with techniques such as Magnetic force microscopy, truly deleting data from magnetic media is very difficult. The problem lies in the fact that when data is written to the medium, the write head sets the polarity of most, but not all, of the magnetic domains. This is partially due to the inability of the writing device to write in exactly the same location each time, and partially due to the variations in media sensitivity and field strength over time and among devices.

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