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New High Class Imation Dds-4, 40963 Backup Storage Tape

February 9, 2018 Jon 0 Comments

Imation offers efficient information management and data storage service solutions and products to its customers.  Imation is the world’s leading manufacturer of branded data storage applications and backup storage products. With the superior quality and high performance technologies embedded in Imation’s tape storage products, you will be provided with superior compatibly and unprecedented durability.  Imation is a well renowned technological expert of media storage tape products.

Imation DDS4 is a high-output media storage tape that provides fast and efficient network backup at lowest cost per GB.  Imation DDS4 tape enables the drive to perform its read/writes tasks reliably.  Part number of this high class DDS-4 tape is 40963.  Imation DDS4 cartridge is robustly designed for useful life of 2,000 passes. Those enterprises that have to manage greater volumes of data prefer the Imation DDS-4 technology.  Tape length and the track density of the tape media has been further increased by Imation to provide greater output characteristics and higher performance.  Storage capability of this durable Imation backup tape is 20GB which can be extended to 40GB by using the compression mechanism.

Imation manufactures many the versions of DDS tapes whose part numbers are given here: Imation DAT-72 DDS5 tape ( part number 17204 ), Imation DDS3 tape ( part number 11737 ), Imation DDS-2 tape ( part number 43347 ), Imation DDS-1 tape ( part number 42818 ).

Security of the data is a full time job, and Imation DDS4 tapes have been intelligently designed to provide around-the-clock high level protection to your company’s precious data assets.  Imation has devised a new protective back-coating system which protects the tape storage media’s surface from the harmful effects of compression.  This protective coating prevents tape slippage and secures the tape surface from damaging effects of static buildup and wound-in debris.  Uniform tape surface of Imation DDS-4 helps in smooth tape stacking and winding thus resulting in improved overall efficiency.

Imation has a vast experience of tape media and its products have proved to be the most efficient and economical among the other competing tape brands.  No doubt, data integrity and reliability are the highest priority of every organization. With Imation 40963 data tapes, the IT managers can confidently mange, archive, restore, distribute, copy and backup the valuable information.

Other leading brands of DDS-4 are: Quantum CDM40 DDS-4 tape, Maxell 200028 DDS4 tape, Sony DGD150PWW DDS-4 cartridge, IBM 59H4456 DDS-4 tape and HP C5718A DDS-4 tapes.

Reduced tape slippage and stable tracking enable uniform output signal.  Special protection layer over the tape surface is very effective in securing the media from wound-in debris.  Faster tape stacking and winding allows faster media loading/unloading thus enabling the drive to perform its operation at a rapid speed.  High capacity Imation DDS4 tape provides its customers more flexible and reliable solutions.  Imation has used advanced Finavinx magnetic material and robust base film which boost the output frequency and assure long useful life.

Jessica McIntosh is the Marketing Manager of Tape4backup and markets Imation 40963 and Sony DGD150P. She has vast experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping buyers who have the backup needs and guide clients about the technology.

Jessica McIntosh
34972 Newark Blvd,# 501,Newark CA 94560
Tel: 888-491-4949
Fax: 888-449-5050
Email: jessica@tape4backup.com

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