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Power Adapter Technology

January 22, 2018 Jon 0 Comments

Power supplies can be used to convert one form of energy into another. Power supplies may take the form of adapters, a kind of technology that enables current voltage and direction to be modified.  acer travelmate 3000 ac adapter.


Power adapter technology rectifies one type of current such as AC (alternating current) voltage input to obtain DC, or direct current voltage output. Rectification is the process of converting AC current, which can reverse direction, into a current that flows in one direction, or direct current (DC). Inverting a current via a power adapter changes DC current to AC current.

Switching-Mode Power Adapter Technology

Alternating current, or AC, contains both positive and negative polarity, which enables it to change current direction. Switching-mode power adapter technology uses rectification to force both polarities move in one direction to output DC voltage via diodes, or components designed to enable electrical currents to flow in one direction and block current flowing in the opposite direction. dell latitude d830 ac adapter.

Linear Power Adapter Technology

Linear power adapter technology uses large mains-frequency transformers to convert AC voltage to DC voltage. Transformers send out electrical energy from one current to another via conductor coils. These conductor coils are composed of material that enables the free flow of electrical current.

Power adapters (or power supplies) are a ubiquitous part of our electronics-laden lifestyle. A power adapter takes the output of one power source, like a 120-volt AC wall socket, and converts it to a different output, for example a 19.5-volt power supply for a laptop computer. Usually these devices work dependably and without worry. But if you find the electronics devices that you have connected to a power adapter are not working properly or that their batteries are not charging, there’s always the possibility that the power adapter is not doing its job. With the right tool, however, you can check the output of your power adapter and see if that’s the source of the problem. toshiba satelite a200 ac adapter.

Examine your power adapter. Every power adapter will have the input voltage and amperage requirements printed on it, as well as the output voltage and amperage rating. We’ll be testing the output of the power adapter, so write down the specs. An example would be this, taken from a laptop power adapter: Output – 19.5V….3.34 amps. We’ll measure the output of the power adapter with a multimeter — a very handy tool for anyone working with electronics. A multimeter can measure voltage, current, power output and resistance of electrical circuits by touching the electrical circuits or device with a set of probes. See Additional Resources for a good tutorial on multimeters.

Set your multimeter to the proper range for measuring the output of your power adapter. Take into account the voltage and the amperage you’ll be measuring. Consult the manual for specifics on how to set your particular model of multimeter.

Check the data plate of your power adapter to find out which portion of the plug is positive and which is negative. For example, on some power adapter plugs, the outer shell of the plug is positive, while on others it’s negative.

Touch the probes of your multimeter to the corresponding portions of the power adapter’s plug and note the readout. Compare that with the rated output of the power adapter. If it varies significantly, replace the power adapter.

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