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Primary Care Medical Center Gets Results with QRS Devices

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(PRWEB) November 2, 2002

MINNEAPOLIS – November 4, 2002 – Primary Care Medical Center, a seven-physician group practice in Murray, Ky., replaced its stand-alone diagnostic machines with software-based, PC Card devices from QRS Diagnostic. What has Primary Care learned in using QRS devices since July 2001 for diagnostic testing for its 40,000 patients? “QRS offers real advantages – portability, ease of use and convenience, and clinical precision,” says Robert Hughes, M.D., Primary Care Medical Center. “And, the QRS PC Cards are affordable and cost-effective.”

Primary Care uses QRS’ SpirOxCard(R) and EKGCard(TM) devices on Fujitsu Pentablets. SpirOxCard is the only combination spirometer/pulse oximeter. It measures pulmonary function and monitors blood oxygenation with one convenient device contained entirely in a computer card. EKGCard turns off-the-shelf computers into lightweight, portable, 12-channel electrocardiograph heart monitors. Primary Care performs an average of 110 EKGs and 10-15 pulse oximetry and pulmonary function tests monthly.

“Our stand-alone EKG machine was large and cumbersome. It was a hassle for our nurses to wheel the machine into exam rooms and then maneuver around it to set up patients for testing,” says Sarah Lovett, executive director, Primary Care Medical Center. “It is much faster and easier to use EKGCard on a Pentablet. We no longer have to fight the machine and can focus more attention on the patient. When our physicians want both EKG and pulse oximetry tests, with QRS, we can actually have both PC Card devices connected and ready to use.”

“Our physicians and the cardiologists to whom we refer also like the precision of the readings and interpretations from EKGCard,” says Hughes.

In May 2002, Primary Care Medical Center added QRS’ Office Medic(TM) Integrated Data Management System (IDMS). It is a patient information management system that provides real-time diagnostic testing, centralized digital data storage, rapid report retrieval and data sharing, and remote connectivity. With Microsoft(R) SQL Server(TM) 2000, Office Medic IDMS turns clients on a network into full-function medical devices simply by sliding a QRS PC Card device into the PC Card drive of an existing network workstation. Physicians and nurses can perform tests on any standard client and then access and analyze the results from anywhere on the network.

“With QRS devices and Office Medic, we print out results on any network printer,” says Lovett. “That’s much better and easier than the old-style EKG printer we used to use with its fax-like paper that smudges and is hard to read.”

“Primary Care Medical Center is moving forward toward our goal of a paperless office, and QRS devices support that strategy,” says Hughes. “Software-based medical devices are the way to go for group practices seeking to leverage affordable technology to boost productivity.”

About QRS Diagnostic

Founded in 1994, QRS Diagnostic, Plymouth, Minn., uses innovative software technology to design and develop FDA-approved medical devices that simplify and reduce the costs of diagnostic testing and patient monitoring. With our patented computer card technology platform, QRS turns standard desktop, laptop, and handheld PCs into modular, upgradeable medical devices and streamlines the collection and communication of precise physiological data. We enable primary care physicians to cost-effectively practice high-tech medicine while delivering the accuracy that specialists and hospitals demand. The affordability, durability and mobility of QRS devices also advance diagnostic testing and patient monitoring for disease management, home healthcare and personal health management. For more information on QRS, please visit http://www.QRSdiagnostic.com.

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