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Protect Your Hard Drive From Lost Files

December 27, 2016 Jon 0 Comments

One of the reasons that people are averse to transitioning to a fully digital setup for their homes or offices is that these files could be easily lost once something goes wrong. There are plenty of methods for deleting the files from your hard drive and erasing them completely. As such, many are scared that they may lose their precious files easily.

Actually, there are some ways for you to be able to protect your hard disk from lost files. Here are some disk erase protection methods that you can use:

Data erase protection
The best way to protect your hard disk would be to include a way for disk erase protection. This means that you should install software that would stop the computer every time someone would try to erase the entire hard disk or wipe the hard disk of all its files.

More often than not the disk erase protection software would just pop up a warning and tell you that your hard drive is about to be wiped of all of its files. There would also be some software which would actually require people to input some form of password before you can continue and delete all the files in your computer.

Recovery Software

Another method of disk erase protection would be the installation of recovery software. Recovery software would act as the buffer just in case someone actually did manage to erase your entire hard drive.

The disk erase protection that recovery software would offer is that you would still be able to recover the files that you have lost because someone had deleted the files. It would be able to rebuild the documents, images, and even videos or music files that you have lost during the data wipe.

Of course, the disk erase protection would vary depending on the type of recovery software that you have purchased. If you were able to purchase a good one, then you have a higher chance of recovering all the files that you had initially lost. On the other hand, poor software would be able to retrieve only a fraction of the files that were erased of your hard drive.

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