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PS3 running Kmeaw 3.55 CFW playing Backups from HDD Video

September 5, 2012 Jon 0 Comments

Hard Disk Recovery Video

my release date 60 gig ps3 modded with the Kmeaw 3.55 CFW, use multiman version 1.14, it takes care of the lv2 an permissions fix, i used the blackbox FTP v1.2 and flashFXP to transfer my games from my computer txt tutorial Modding PS3 With Kmeaw 3.55 to Play Backups 1 – make sure your ps3 is on retail firmware, official playstation firmware…. (if its not then download the official firmware an install from recovery mode) 2 – once your ps3 is on the official fireware download the kmeaw 3.55 CFW 3 – install this firmware the same as the official in step 1 through recovery mode… 4 – once firmware is installed u’ll see 2 new options in your games section… (app_home/PS3_Game/ and install package files) 5 – now to get backups running on your ps3, you’ll need to install a manager (such as multiman, rogero, gaia im sure theres more out there, this is just what i tried) 6 – put the pkg files of your choice on a fat32 formatted flash drive an then put it in your ps3 an from the game section go to install package files…. you then see your pkg files you have on your flash drive.( if you dont, make sure your flash drive is in fat32 an you pkg files are on the root of your flash drive.) 7 – once your package files are installed they’ll show up in the games section of the xmb, you can then start copying your games to your ps3 from the blu-ray drive. if you have games on your computer then you need to use a ftp program to transfer the games… blackboxftp is the package i
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