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Recover Data From a Formatted Hard Drive on Windows 7 : recover formatted hard drive

August 23, 2013 Jon 0 Comments

Windows 7 is Microsoft’s one of the most robust operating systems being used in most organizations across the world. If you are working in an enterprise, you also might be using Windows 7 in your daily life. So, experience is obviously nice, however, situation becomes nasty when you come across accidental data deletion. One major scenario of such deletion is formatting the hard disk of the system. Yes, the process of hard drive formatting erases entire data from it. It complicates the situation even more when backup of the data is not available. Now, you are compelled to think of a solution that could perform Win and bring all the data back.

However, if you are going to use a new hard disk on Windows 7, you are required to format it first; then only you are allowed to store information on it. The time taken by formatting all depends on the size of hard disk.

If you format a hard drive for any reason, and backup is not available, data loss can still be prevented. In such cases, you should not overwrite or write any new data to hard drive. Because, once you place additional data, the existing data will be deleted. When you format a hard disk, the data is not appeared in Windows Browser and can be recovered if not overwritten.

For your information, deletion and formatting are two different concepts and serve different purposes. Coming back to the matter, if you format the drive by mistake and backup is not available and that too the drive has been overwritten, what would you choose to do in such situation? There is actually no such built-in utility or process that offers help to recover Windows file.

Fortunately, software experts have been doing deep research in technologies and have come up with a perfect solution.

Professional Windows file recovery software will do it all. These are the applications that have been written after analyzing each and every aspect of data loss. Hence, these software are capable of performing the task successfully. You can recover the data from a deleted or formatted partition, recover data from all optical storage media that are not inaccessible, perform raw recovery of a hard drive that is severely corrupt, clone or image media with bad sectors, and much more. You can do it all now by purchasing the software online from a trusted vendor.

Maria Therasus Jacy Andrews is the author of this article. She has been a blogger for 3 years and holds her expertize in data recovery. She has also written several blog posts on various Windows File Recovery Software.

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