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Recover Data When System Stops Responding

November 28, 2017 Jon 0 Comments

For any computer user, the most horrifying reality is the failure of his/her hard drive. Absence of a backup, spells doom for your data. If, while working on your computer, inadvertently the system stops responding and the green goes blank, and repeated booting provides no result, or displays innumerable error messages, then you know the data is certainly at the verge of loss, irrespective of whether, the system survives or not. You may receive messages indicating corruption of MBR (master boot records), malfunctioning of the OS (operating system), bad sectors, file system corruption, or something else. Whatever the case be, you have to give a try to the various file data recovery means.


In case the system gives any such problems, the first and the foremost thing required is to find out the possible causes of such error messages. To begin with, check the hard drive to ensure data can be accessed from it. This can be done by attaching the hard drive to another working computer as a secondary drive. In case the drive can be detected by the other system, but not accessed, your hard drive is working, and is facing some logical damage. For this, you will need to format the hard drive, and then use the backup to resurrect your data. But, make sure the backup is validated and updated. Otherwise, you will not be able to access information from it.


In such a case, you will need to use a data recovery software after reformatting the hard drive. These are specifically designed software that are used for recovering partition information and other files from the hard drive of your system. With easy to understand design, a user-friendly interface, and various recovery features, these tools are quite an aid in such dire situations. There are a number of recovery tools available on the internet, yet not all of them are equally dependable. A user must be cautious when buying one such software. Downloading a trial version of the tool can give you an idea of its interface and recovery capabilities of the tool.


Stellar Information Systems Limited is an ISO 9001:2000 certified provider of windows data recovery software. The read-only tools provided by the company have detailed context sensitive user manual. All the tools provided by the company are specifically designed for running on specific operating systems (Windows, Mac, Novell, Linux). All the tools have disk imaging and cloning feature to make file data recovery a simple task.

Bury Shane is an active blogger, article writer and technical expert who explores all the latest and hot topics. Data Recovery is one of the burning issues that people faces day by day and therefore this article has been written describing about the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software.

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