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Recover Deleted Videos from Any External Storage Media

November 25, 2017 Jon 0 Comments

Videos are considered better alternative than still images as one can enjoy the moving clips along with sound. It helps in refreshing the past memories of our life time. Camcorders and digital cameras are equipped with better zoom features and powerful resolutions to shoot videos on move. The recorded videos can be easily transferred and shared from the camera to any external storage media device such as hard drive, USB flash drive, SD card, memory stick etc. it is easy to record and capture videos using a camcorder and digital camera but it is even more easy to lose them due to any logical and human error. Maximum cases for the deleted video has been reported during the process of file transfer.

Consider a scenario when you have recorded the video of your buddy’s wedding and now you want to share them or upload it on social networking sites. But oops, you find yourself in a miserable position as you have pressed delete all button after selecting the required video. There can be other causes for loss of videos from any external storage devices such as

formatting of the drive

bad sector present in the drive

virus attack

accidentally deleting the video

power sabotage

file system corruption

The above causes might end up in loss of video or makes it inaccessible. However, it is possible to recover damaged and deleted video by employing third party deleted video recovery software. It is worth mentioning that one should strictly stop using digital camera or for any other external storage device from where the video has been deleted or lost. Saving new files can replace or overwrite the data. Thus making the chances of deleted video recovery almost impossible.

It is always better to quickly resort to professional recovery tool for restoring the videos that has been deleted or lost from the external storage device. The free trial version of the software is available online that displays the preview of the data or video files to be recovered. However you need to purchase the full version for recovering the deleted video at the desired location.


Vonmoris is well known writer and has published several issues regarding computer and technology. This article is about deleted video recovery and important tips for accomplishing this task.

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