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Recover lost data without the help of a technician

November 8, 2016 Jon 0 Comments

A broken window does not mean that you can not retrieve lost data or files on your hard disk. But first you have to boot to understand the importance of the 3 files in your Windows operating system, as it seeks to free space on your hard drive accidentally delete some of your files.


Boot.ini, NTLDR and ntdetect.com are the three boot files in earlier Windows operating system, errors due next time the computer restarts when accidentallybe erased or damaged.

This problem can be solved simultaneously and processing of data or recover files. Using the correct procedure, the computer to its original state may even without the help of a return. In addition, there are free tools for data recovery are made things easier.

With the repair console, you can recover your data on disk, the Windows XP installationCD-ROM is a boot device, you can use to restart the computer and console repair all displays. The method has lost your data with the following error if you try to restart the PC.

* Missing or corrupt boot file

* Error reading boot.ini

* NTLDR is missing

If one of the computers described above errors appear during your startup drive is not crashed. Rather, the boot file may be damaged and must beReplaced with the installation CD from Microsoft. Once this is done, the lost data from your hard drive and will be restored as not to lose any information.

The first is to ensure that you have inserted the correct version of Windows on CD-ROM, the boot process to monitor some of the keys required during the startup process. If you were successful, a blue Windows Setup screen appears. You are given two options, is completelyTo reinstall your operating system and the other is the repair console. Select the repair console, press “R” button to start the data recovery disk.

All you have to do is follow the instructions to repair the repair console, it only takes a few minutes to retrieve files and lost data. But note that if the operation fails, the disk drive may be defective, for an alternative, you can borrow or try another hard drivePurchase of a new one. But the task may require a technician if you do not know much about troubleshooting.


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