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Recover lost Mp4 files after memory card corruption

December 29, 2017 Jon 0 Comments

MP4 or MPEG-4 is a multimedia container format used widely for storage of digital videos and audio streams those that are obtained from or bear resemblance with MPEG. It is different in the respect that along with storing videos and audio stream, data such as subtitles and still images could also be saved. Also number of digital camera uses this file format for saving recorded audios and videos. With a digital camera in hand it is actually really simple for user to click, edit and delete photos and videos. The advantages are simply endless however at the same time cases of memory card corruption could not be overlooked. Memory card corruption unlike other factors loss and deletion of videos make the file missing or inaccessible and requirement of mp4 recovery tool to restore lost photos, audios and videos.

As in a particular case, you may come across a situation in which on loading the card into the camera error message is displayed as –‘the card is not formatted. Format the card”. Also this continues to be the case, no matter howsoever attempt to load the card and access memory card data is made.

To overcome these issues of improperly working camera memory card, it is of utmost importance to format the card and thereafter extract photos from it.

MP4 recovery software is capable of scanning the drive during which it locates all the files present on the disk and shows the same in preview window with details. This makes it really easy for the user to select the photos required and save them on to a safe location.

Along with recovery of Mp4 videos, videos, audio and picture of all other types could be retrieved by it. Additionally there is also an option provided for advance scanning where only selected type and region to be scanned for may be specified. This way it is possible to resolve memory card corruption issues while safely restoring photos and videos.

This article is written by bipsa, who is passionate about writing and sharing her knowledge & experiences and views on different topics and issue relating to our day to day life. Recover your lost audio, photos and videos with mp4 recovery software it does thorough drive analysis to recover files in its original format.

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