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Recovering from a virus infected Images External Hard Drive

March 2, 2014 Jon 0 Comments

Photos were taken by our camera becomes part of our lives. Let us save them to safer places as possible. Memory cards, computer disks and many other places are potentially safer. There may be restored if you want to go back in time. To ensure that we never had a situation where all our pictures are gone, you take a large number of backup copies. Some of us have the misfortune of losing both the back-up or not, to all. This is heartbreaking. Instead of losing hope, you must run a restore utility tool for images.


Often we have to save images to external drives, because their storage capacity is high. These units can be connected to the computer. The main danger for these drives is due to the large number of computer virus. These can easily get an external hard drive from your computer to transfer.

It is possible in a situation where you encounter a virus attack come on the outside> Hard drive where you saved the images. Once you have stored in a safe place, rarely retain the original. This could have serious consequences.

There are many ways to ensure that you are not from viruses:

* Do not load mail carefully.
* Always an up-to-date anti-virus on your system.
* Never use a virus infects external device to your computer.

After a virus attack:

Imagesinfected system should not be transferred pr sent someone (the virus can be bound by it).
* Use anti-virus scan and remove viruses.
* If this work, hard drive size.

In rare cases, the formatting does not remove some viruses.

Since the drive was formatted to attack a virus properly, first make sure there are traces of the virus. This may be a virus scanning tool. When a virus is still left, delete it.

After this missionphoto recovery software to recover all images. The software scans your hard drive and make a digital image recovery. This is possible because this software is programmed in a way to penetrate into the file system and formatted data to be saved, no matter how many times you drive.


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