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Remove Duplicate Files – Automatically Find and Remove Duplicate Files on Your Computer

November 2, 2017 Jon 0 Comments

Get annoyed by the redundant and duplicate files on your hard disk? Apart from occupying a plenty of disk space, they also leave your computer a startling mess. You don’t even know which files are the one you need and you look for the right files for a long time. It is necessary to find and remove the annoying duplicates from your hard drive.

But you need to be very careful when you clean them up. Because you may delete some useful files by mistake. Not long before, I removed some useful files when I was sorting out my files. I thought I was very careful and did not make a mistake. But afterwards when I tried to find my files I found that I had deleted them mistakenly.

I was very regretful deleting the files by mistake. Was there an easy way to automatically find and remove duplicate files? I searched on the internet and find there were duplicate file finders that designed to find and delete duplicates. So I downloaded one and installed it on my computer. Wow, it was pretty cool! It helps me easily sort out my folders and files.

It could easily find duplicate songs, pictures, office files, emails and contacts on my computer. I won’t delete any file by mistake. Because it exports a detailed report which give enough information of the duplicate files, such as file name, file size, file type, modified date, location and so on. I only need to choose the ones that I want to remove. It is easy and safe.

Moreover, it supports various scanning mode, such as file names, file sizes, modified date, file type and so on. This feature reduces the time of scanning and improves the search performance.

Besides, it supports removable storage device. It can find and remove duplicates on USB storage devices, such as iPod, iPhone, Smart phone, Flash Drive and so on. And another feature that really helps is the synchronization. You can synchronize your folders and files between computer and removable storage devices after modified, without any copy or paste.

It is quite easy and handy for me to sort out files on my computer. You can click here to use the duplicate file finder that I have been using on my computer! It is able to automatically find and remove redundant files on your computer. And you can click here to find out how to select the best duplicate finder.

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