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Remove Duplicate Files – Tools to Delete Duplicate Files and Make Your Disk Back To Shape

October 9, 2017 Jon 0 Comments

Duplicate files are really troublesome. They not only take up your disk space but also make your hard drive an awesome mess. You may need to spend half an hour to find the right file in your hard drive. That is a great waste of time. It is necessary to wipe out duplicate files from your computer.

But you need to be very careful when you delete files. The consequence of removing a useful file may be serious. Not long before, I tried to sort out my files on my computer. And I opened each file one by one to find and remove the duplicate files carefully. But I still made an expansive mistake. I removed a file of a project in which I had spent over 5 weeks.  Then I had to start over and spend 4 more weeks on that project.

But now I can easily find and delete duplicate  files on my computer. How? Because I use a duplicate file cleaner to help me. With a few clicks on the interface, it will automatically start a scan on hard disk or a specified folders. After the thorough scan, it exports a detailed report which will tell you the name of duplicate files, file size, file type, modified date, etc. With it, you are able to differentiate which files are useful and which ones are unneeded. Then you can delete them with ease and avoid the risk of deleting a useful file.

Besides, you can use it to find any kind of duplicate files on your computer, such as images, songs, office files, emails and contacts in express. Moreover, you can improve the scan performance by specifying the file type, file size, file name, etc. it is quite easy to use.

Moreover, it supports all kinds of USB storage devices, such as flash drive, iPod, smart phone and so on. But the feature that I love most is the synchronization. With the help of this useful function, I can synchronize folders and files between my computer and USB storage devices without copying or pasting files. The feature really save me a lot of time.

You can click here to use the duplicate file finder that I am using. It will help you to sort out your hard disk and remove any unwanted files. It is quite easy to keep your computer neat and clean with the power tool. And you click here to find out how to select the best duplicate file finder.

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