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Samsung external hard drives: Technology at the palm of the hand : Samsung Hard Drive

March 27, 2013 Jon 0 Comments

Storing data is always a major concern, particularly when one considers the fact that the global industry is today focussed on doing more while one is on the go. Pen drives are a great alternative, but the amount of storage space they offer is limited. In such a scenario, it is best to go for an external hard drive from a reputed brand like Samsung, the world leader in consumer electronics. Its G Series external hard drives offer fantastic space storage for all kinds of data — videos, music, documents, and all kinds of files — within a compact 2.5 inch package that has a capacity up to 640 GB. Further, Samsung external HDDs are halogen free with a super silent operation and minimal power consumption. Coming to the security part, there are two kinds of programs that ensure that data is always protected. The first among these — SecretZone — creates a virtual drive to encrypt al the data, while the second, i.e., SafetyKey, is an advanced password protection. Although even one of these would have sufficed, having two is certainly an added advantage.

Backing up is another very critical part of storing data, since at any point in time, something might come up that could corrupt data, or worse, even erase it. To counter such a situation, Samsung G Series drives come with automatic backup feature that can be enabled to back up files in real time as well as according to a pre arranged schedule. Coming to the design part, the G Series external HDDs are quite attractive, with their sparkling case that resembles sunlight streaming on the drive during the day. The environment friendly case is also scratch resistant, with its rounded corners proving to be essential for an ergonomic design.

Using Samsung external HDDs is extremely easy, thanks to the bank of user friendly features that are engrained within. For instance, the capacity gauge lets one have a look at the status of the storage space; how much of it is occupied, how much is free, and how much has been designated as backup. Also, there is no need to install any software, as the Auto Plug and Play functionality gets things on the roll as soon as the drive is plugged in.

The G Series external HDD also feature Samsung’s EcoGreen hard drive technology. It eliminates TBBP-A and Halogen Components, while meeting RoHS standards. Talking of connectivity, G Series drives have a multitude of connections that are both fast and secure. The industry standard peripheral connection, USB 2.0, is the most basic ones available in the G Series drives, offering a data transfer rate of 480 MB/s. The next level is Samsung’s SATA, which is perfect for external storage applications, and delivers transfer speeds of up to 3GB/s. However, the big climax, so to speak, is the USB 3.0 technology, which transfers data at 5 GB/s, more than 10 times the standard USB 2.0 connection. Hence, this portable device is all that is needed to transfer data in the most reliable manner.

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