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SD card recovery lets you find your lost SD memory card files

September 9, 2017 Jon 0 Comments

An SD card recovery software allows you to get back pictures that you may have inadvertently erased, misplaced on your computer or otherwise have lost access to. The initials SD stand for Secure Digital.

The card is a software program that lets you access photo files from SD memory cards. The makes that are compatible with SD card recovery whose SD memory card photos you can recover are PQI, Transcent, PNY, Lexar, Kingston, ScanDisk and others that you can search when purchasing your SD card software recovery card.

The software uses a sophisticated wizard interface that supposedly lets you find and replace corrupt or lost files from your SD memory card.

The software called SD card recovery is available online as a download. In no time at all, you can download the software and run the executive file by following the instructions on how to install and use the software on your computer.

The programmers of the software claim that in 10 minutes, you will be able to locate and retrieve your erased, corrupted or misplace pictures that were on your computer.

The only requirement is that your SD memory card is available on your computer and that you do not continue to take more pictures using the same memory card before your get back the pictures that were lost. Any lost pictures that had new pictures put on top of them can not be retrieved.

Another requirement is that your camera has to show up on your computer control board as a letter under “My Computer” contents. If it does not appear as a drive letter, you will need a USB SD card reader before you can use the SD card recovery software.

Once you have either the drive letter or the USB card reader, you can used the software to find the lost pictures that are located in your computer photo files. Many of the latest computers made have card readers already built in to the computer. For all other computers, cards are sold online or at computer retail stores.

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